Kagame Launches Vision 2050

Kagame Vision 2050 has five main pillars as follows:

1. Quality of Life;
2. Modern Infrastructure and livelihoods;
3. Transformation for prosperity;
4. Values for Vision 2050; and
5. International cooperation and positioning.

According to Kagame Vision 2050, Rwanda “will work toward reaching ‘upper middle income’ by 2035 and high income by 2050.”

This “will require average annual growth of above 10 per cent (almost doubling the current economic growth rate).”

Hold on tight – here we go towards upper middle income, and high income – while we are still poverty-stricken even by East African Standards which are as follows measured by GDP per capita in US$:

1. Kenya – 1,376
2.Tanzania – 879
3.Uganda – 705
4.Rwanda – 697

Rwanda is of course richer than Burundi whose per capita income is $277.

David Himbara