Anne Rwigara aravuga ko kugurisha imitungo yabo ari ubujura.


Umwana w'umunyarwanda ati: "Ibyo Paul Kagame akorera abana ba Rwigara ni nkiby'ikigabo gifata abana ku ngufu umugore arebera."Anne Rwigara, "They have always wanted to take this factory since 1995, they approached our Father with all sorts of offers. We may not be alive tomorrow, to those who are grabbing our family wealth! The courts of tomorrow will definitely judge you and whoever will be alive within our extended family will get everything back with fines on top. One day, justice will be served."What criminal Paul Kagame is doing to the Rwigara family, it's like Lucifer raping his own children in front of their mother – Jeannette Nkusi Nzirorera Gasana Kagame. It is indespicable crime that only a mad person can do. A criminal who kills and steals from the people that his constitutionally mandated to protect. And sickos still refers to this thug as his excellency or president!!Lucifer has enormous wealth, he plundered DR Congo's mineral wealth and up to now, his still plundering the neighbouring country through different proxies; but still feels that he doesn't have enough wealth to the extent of grabbing from poverty stricken Rwandans. What can you expect from a man who has led to millions of deaths in the greatlakes region, hitting a world record in mass murder with more than 6 million deaths in DR Congo.

Publiée par Rpf Gakwerere sur jeudi 29 mars 2018



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