Paul Kagame – how Mandela passing confirmed that the Rwandan dictator is a global outcast

Why are Bashir, Kagame and their Eritrean counterpart not attending Madiba’s memorial? Because they are outcasts – lepers condemned to a leper’s colony.

The term outcast is defined as a person or animal that “is generally despised or avoided.” Put in another way, an outcast is person rejected or ostracized for unacceptable behavior, or character – a leper.

This is a fitting definition for Kagame. His brutality, divide & rule and property-grabbing at home, and warmongering in the region have turned him into quite liberally a pariah – shunned like leper by other leaders.

How has Madiba’s passing confirmed that Kagame is a global outcast?

Rwanda’s political outcast is not among global leaders attending Madiba’s farewell.

If at all he was invited, he sure did not pitch. Which is a good thing. Who would sit with him? All other African heads of state are attending Madiba’s memorial except the Sudanese, Eritrean – and of course the Rwandan dictator.

David Himbara