Rwanda:New Obstacles in Green Party Registration and Mayors Response

Press Release

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda has received a response from the Mayor of Gasabo District, Kigali City, regarding the request submitted on 22nd April, to hold its official founding congress on 10th May 2013.

The Mayor, says that he received another letter from someone called Mugisha Alexis, requesting to hold a similar congress of the same party but on a different date and different venue.

The Mayor, has therefore, requested us to sort out issues in our Party that are causing confusion before seeking permission to hold the founding congress!

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, wishes to clarify the following:

  1. Mugisha Alexis, claims fake representation. He is not a party member and does not hold any leadership position in the new executive committee, as published on the party website on 15th September 2012: .
  1. Mugisha Alexis, voluntarily resigned from the party on 2nd July 2010 and his resignation letter is attached.
  1. Formation of a political party with the same names of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, whose registration has been sought for since 14th August 2009, is un-acceptable.
  1. We have no issues to sort out in our party and will therefore, submit a new request to Gasabo District Mayor next week.


Done at Kigali, 3rd May 2013

Dr Frank Habineza

 Founding President

Democratic Green Party of Rwanda