…we have betrayed ourselves and our people for so long through our silence.. : Frank Ntwali

Time has come for the Rwandan people, with their brothers and sisters in the great lakes region and all those in Solidarity irrespective of who they are, where they come from or the colour of their skin to break the long maintained silence and speak out against the evil brutal repressive regime of president Paul Kagame that the world has ever known.

The truth must be spoken to the Rwandan people and by Rwandans at all material times that we have betrayed ourselves and our people for so long through our silence, there comes a time when one must stand for the inner truth, a cause and justice even when it is not popular because of the nature of dictatorship like one in Rwanda whose reply to critics is only savage attacks on an unarmed and defenseless people resulting in senseless killings with impunity.

There can be no doubt that we are facing moral crisis as a national! Because of our neutral stance irrespective of our inner truth and knowledge about the evil regime of president Kagame that most of our people continue to serve in these times of war carried out against the innocent people inside the country and outside.

Millions of Rwandan people have explicitly and tacitly opposed the oppression of Rwandans and evasions of Congo that has killed millions of our young people and delivered devastating consequences to innocent Congolese population, all that to benefit one man and his family Paul Kagame.

This is done by a brutal clique of former escorts of president Kagame turned into generals handpicked by the president himself, but can no longer force the region and international community into silence because the masses of our people have moved beyond the professing smooth patriotism of a ethnicity or confusing decent to disloyalty like members who work for benefit of the clique of individuals led by Kagame who have held the masses of our people hostage.

Rwanda national congress understands perfectly well that our country is facing dark days once again, where the brutal regime is using every method to silence decent or any voice of cause but those days are gone the regime must prepare to hear the truth!!

The truth we seek is the fundamental human rights which include the right to life, to have all political prisoners released unconditionally, to allow freedom of press and release journalists from jails to do their work, to allow separation of government organize so that the judiciary can be independent and carry out its judicial functions without directives by the president.

To stop extra judicial killings with impunity, forced disappearances and safe houses where the masses of our people, who demand their rights are stored without trial or knowledge of their families or allow them access to legal representations.
We therefore call upon all Rwandans to keep staging passionate protest on widest scale together with all peace loving people against the evil and brutal repressive doctrine which says that, a man and woman’s legal status, political right, economic opportunities, peace and security and social position shall depend solely on royalty of one man president Paul Kagame.

Ladies and Gentlemen… Kagame and the small group around him as we have pointed out have unabatedly and in various capacities, since 1996; undertaken an unjustifiable, illegal and illegitimate path of invading a sovereign and neighbor state…that is the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Kagame has used many tactics, manipulations, deceptions, lies to attack and stay in DRC at expense of Rwandans and Congolese whose young men and women fighting these wars keep dying in un proportional numbers to enrich president Kagame and his family whose thirty for Congo minerals is endless.

It would be inhuman and insensible if Rwandans and people of the world with conscience stay idle and not denounce such endless costly wars in terms life and also not sympathize with the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo who, for almost two decades, have suffered from Kagame’s invasion. Since then, the people of the DRC have continuously been displaced on their own territory; around six millions people both of Congolese origin and Rwandans who sought refuge in the Congo have been mercilessly killed; patients in hospitals, including women, infants, children, elderly men and women, pregnant mothers and other seriously ill persons have been executed, tortured in cruel and inhuman treatment.
Horrible pictures of women being sexually mutilated have circulated in the world media. There comes a time in the name of freedom in any war between storms that we hang on courage,
And there are days when we lose our faith and even days when our allies turn against us!!
But the day will never come when we forsake the cause of our people!!

I thank you together we shall overcome.

Frank Ntwali
RNC Chairman/South Africa