Managing Instagram the right way for graphic designers and artists

Any creative professional, especially in this day and age, takes the initiative and make their own breaks. Social media is the ultimate tool when a creative individual is looking to gain online mileage. As an original artist or a graphic designer, you have the chance to make it big by merely working on your social media profile, especially Instagram, diligently, and passionately.

Social media is the ultimate tool when it comes to increasing your base popularity without spending a fortune on the advertisement and marketing campaigns for your venture. Keep in mind that the more you showcase your creative pursuits and webpage builds, the better are your chances of getting noticed and making it to the big time. The ever-growing popularity of a social media platform like Instagram means that you can create a fan following right from your desk. 

As a graphic designer, the first thing you need to keep in mind is that you can use Instagram as your online portfolio. You can showcase your artistry, the features, and pages you design and build as well as offers and promotional content. You can even increase your Instagram likes and audience interactions through a third-party service like the

So, without further ado, here is a list of all the things you can do to leverage the power of Instagram for your graphic design concern

Start with the profile bio

As a graphic designer, you might wonder whether to create a business profile separately for the concern? The truth is you can make do with your personal page as well. However, you need to consider a few critical details to use the personal page properly. These are some of the few things that can make you a brand in this field. 

The name is essential as it lets people know your identity and information like where you live and your lifestyle. Keep in mind that all your personal information is taken into account by the talent-hunters when looking for talents.

The bio of the page is the next essential item on the list. You need to use a simple yet creative format for your specializations, creative pursuits, affiliation to an industry, or company, along with associated activities. Also, keep in mind that adding a link in the bio for your web page, blog site, or Youtube channel is vital.  

The importance of the newsfeed

Your entire endeavor aims at the fact that you wish to attract clients through your work; to that end, it is vital to utilize Instagram as your online portfolio. You can establish a personal style and a brand if you leverage Instagram feed the right way. Keep in mind that there are several photo editing tools available and various Instagram filters that give that professional touch to every image post.

Beautiful posts make for engaging content-generating user interaction and interest in your work. Additionally, keep in mind that when you are looking to attract clients, you need to make sure that your newsfeed appears clutter-free, and the theme stands out at first glance. You must understand the value of your creativity to showcase the right side of the work to your followers and potential customers. Instagram is a visual media, and therefore the first impression matters. You must manage your feed the right way and monitor it regularly to make sure that everything is in order. The better you design your feed, the more the traffic for your social media page, which will make sure that the followers are interested enough to check your creativity in your work domain.

Updating the Instagram profile and activity levels

Social media experts all around the world, unequivocally agree to the fact that social media thrives on consistent posts and activity. A dead social media profile is of no use if you plan to use it as a promotional front. This is why you must keep creating and maintain a steady stream of posts all through the week. The more you post, the better it is for your concern as users will believe in your dedication and hard work.

However, we do understand that no creator can keep creating novel content daily. Therefore, you need to employ a trick and keep in mind that you can always post from the archives as there is no hard and fast rule about what you can post and what you cannot. This is a solution that works well with most creators all around the world. The idea is to post regularly, so archival posts will work great and throwback memories or a milestone event.

Keep in mind these simple tips when you are looking to integrate Instagram with your web design venture. We sincerely hope that our post enables you to reach the zenith of success.