Smart Classrooms’ project still has loopholes: Related policies need to be overhauled.

Building housing the Ministry of Education in Kigali

By Frank Steven Ruta

How can the Rwandan ministry of education ‘MoE’ boast about smart classrooms when

(1) A big percentage of primary school do not have access to electricity?

(2) Ratio of users per computer is below the minimum standards?

(3) Ratio of students per skilled teaching staff is below the minimum standards?

(4) Internet bandwidth is below the minimum standards especially in rural-based school and universities?

We’re hopping to get detailed answers (real statistics) from ‘missing Mr. Aimable HABYARIMANA’ for the questions above & other MoE’s irregularities like he promised [once we happen to meet him again]. We couldn’t find him for a while; Nor were we able to reach him on his mobile.

Find what he revealed during the interview we previously held with him:

Intending to paint their quality of education, doctoring statistics has become a habit in Rwandan Education System