5 Facebook Marketing Tools to Help You Optimize Your Page

With over two billion active users, Facebook quickly established itself as the most frequented social media platform. Today, most social media users use Facebook, and out of its audiences of over two billion, 65 percent of them log in to Facebook and scroll through their personal feed on a daily basis. To ignore this vast potential audience of consumers would be a great folly, as you can engage with these users for free, or with minimal expenditure. Even though you can buy followers on Facebook, it would be advisable, to begin with stimulating organic growth on your page. 

While Facebook itself provides several features that can be heavily used, exploited if you may, in order to build your page and gain followers while simultaneously reaching out to thousands more who could be potential buyers of your products. While these tools may not be obvious choices for marketing, when used in the right manner, they will prove to be incredibly helpful in marketing your goods and services. 

Here we have evaluated for you the benefits of using these tools and what they are, and how they will help you market your product.

1] Curate the content you post carefully

The most important factor to consider when you are posting to any social media site is the content you post. While intriguing images with brighter colors are known to do well on social media sites as they will stand out, short videos can also be a worthwhile choice, as the moving image captures the eye better than a single image. 

In 2015 the number of videos viewed on Facebook was 8 billion. Today that statistic is closer to 4 billion videos viewed every single day. Over 500 million users watch over 100 million hours of content on Facebook every day. Thus, posting short videos may help you engage your audiences better.

2] Figure out your target base

Understand what your product or service is designed to fulfill and what demographic this product or service is best catered to. Using this, you can decide a very specific audience that your product or service is geared towards and thus use Facebook ads to reach this target audience. The age group, sex, locality of your consumer can all be predetermined by the advertisements that Facebook provides. 

Thus you can target a viewer located in a specific district of a city, between an age group that is narrowed down to a span of ten years, for example, 25 – 35, and whether you would like to target males or females. Therefore, you will be able to reach this specific audience for your product or service. This may also be counterproductive though if you choose too specific an audience.

3] Increase the engagement on your page 

Make an active effort to increase the amount of engagement your page provides for your audience. The number of followers and traction that your page will gain is based very closely on how much you engage with them. Thus, having simple contests run on your page would be a huge added benefit. 

Have discounts on your goods and services, or free access to your goods and services, thus making winning the contest desirable amongst your followers. By having individuals share their participation in your contest on their own personal page, it will help you connect with more people on Facebook.

4] Present the personal aspects of your business

People love to know who the people behind a brand are. In order to humanize your product or service more, create posts that share your story with your audience in an interesting concise manner. 

Your audience wants to know and see the faces behind the work, and sharing personal anecdotes or pictures of team bonding will help them put faces to your company and thus foster more of a sense of connectedness with your company. Doing this will increase engagement as they can relate directly now to the makers of the product or service that they are seeking to invest in. 

5] Boosting your page with Paid advertisements 

Only advertise or boost the best posts on your page, and those that you believe will bring more followers and traction to your page. Using the incredible analytical data that is provided by Facebook you will be able to use these insights to find out who frequents your page most often. What their sex is, their age, and location and thus you will know who your target customer is, and who it appeals to the most. 

Using this data you will be able to design a Facebook advertisement to cater to this target audience. You can schedule what the campaign will follow, and how many people you would like to reach over the span of however many days you choose. Thus, you can use the data provided by Facebook, to help you reach out to more people within that demographic.

Using these five tips, you can help your page increase its reach, and thereby increase the number of consumers your brand has. By using social media to your advantage you can reap the economic benefits of this free platform of marketing. 

The amount of effort that you put into your social media page will return to you tenfold, and it is but advisable to focus on building your presence on a platform like Facebook in order for you to reach new potential buyers of your product or service. Be wise in your decisions, and you will be able to increase your gain in consumers on Facebook.