Kagame gets 5000 $ for each refugee deported from Israel to Rwanda.

Deal-makers in trafficking Africans – Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Rwandan strongman Kagame

By: Georgiana Mugisha-Fitzpatrick

From Libya/Israel’s burning hell to Kagame’s everlasting burning hell!

What’s wrong with these people? I am struggling to understand how anyone in this world thinks Kagame and his Rwanda are an appropriate alternative for these African immigrants victims of Libya/Israel inhuman, degrading treatment. Kagame is nothing but a heartless serial predator who could care less about any human being. All he cares about is money, money and money.

When it comes to money, shameless Kagame is willing to make empty promises to lure his next victims into his traps. As long he gets money, Kagame doesn’t give a damn about anybody, he will scam his next victims like he screws Rwandans on a daily basis.

Therefore, sending these poor, defenseless already traumatized fellow Africans to Kagame’s Rwanda is like sending underserved youths to a summer camp run by a pedophile!