Kagame – the ruler hires the jet from criminal Kagame the businessman

By Gakwerere

Since mid September during the UN general Assembly, the chief vampire has been enjoying his hobby of air travelling in his newly acquired Gulf stream 6. The junta regime hires the jet from Crystal Ventures which is Paul Kagame’s company, to transport the vampire in his endless and useless travels.

In short, criminal Kagame – the ruler hires the jet from criminal Kagame the businessman. Conflict of interest is not illegal when it comes to the proprietor of Rwanda.

1) Around the 12th/09/2017, the Junta flew from Rwanda to Boston, Massachusetts. He visited his Jewish doctors for a check, he had meetings with his USA based P.R team and He attended the U.N general assembly. Rwanda’s princess – Ange Kagame, the current defacto controller of the presidents office was also on this oozing trip.

2) On the 15th/09/2017, his estranged wife was also ordered to travel to New York for Aid soliciting, especially for her various scam charities. This time again, the junta government hired a private jet – Gulf stream 4 from Crystal Ventures to transport Jeanette Kagame Gasana to New York, where she attended the Aids summit and the Bill Gate charity gala.

3) On the 25th/09/2017, the junta ruler left New York for Luanda – Angola to attend the swearing in of the newly elected president of Angola – João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço.

4) On 28th/09/2017, Jeanette Kagame Gasana left New York for Rwanda having travelled with son Ivan Cyomoro Kagame to San Francisco to see the progress of the son’s equity venture. In this case, using state’s meagre resources for family matters.

5) 27/09/2017, Paul Kagame arrives back in Rwanda to treat his Jet lag.

6) On the night of 10th/10/2017, the criminal junta leaves again his small poverty ridden Kingdom heading to U.K. This was a cash hunting mission and he was able to meet officials from the Department of International Development (DFID). He wasn’t able to meet Priti Patel the Secretary of state for International Development. In company of his lobbyist in U.K – Andrew Mitchell, the junta wasn’t able to convince the U.K administration into releasing the full AID package to top up Rwanda’s national budget. However, there were promises on keeping supporting primary education and maternity health care/infantry health care with well controlled funds.

7) On the 12th/10/2017, the junta leaves London for New York, where he met the IMF chief – Christine Lagarde on the 13th/10/2017. In New York, the junta was happy because the meeting with IMF chief went well, Rwanda’s repayment timetable forwarded to 2019.

8) On 14th/10/2017, the junta meets the world bank chief – Jim Yong Kim, the meeting was positive on behalf of the junta ruler. On the evening he delivered a keynote speech on Human Capital Summit which was organised by the world bank.

10) On the evening of 15/10/2017, the junta ruler left New York for Lomé – Togo. Another useless trip!!

11) The Junta leaves Lomé – Togo on the 17th/10/2017 and jets back to London – U.K to pick up a useless award given to him by a college, The American Academy of Achievement. Those who follow criminal Kagame’s murky politics know very well how he gets these useless awards.

12) On the 19/10/2017, the junta resurfaces in Brazzaville, Congo for The Great Lakes Region Summit which will focus on the security situation in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Currently we are waiting for his next destination, where is he going to resurface next?

This is a ruler who is living and bahaving like a CEO of a Multinational Corporation, who has to travel to different jurisdictions in order to see and supervise the company headquarters/operations. When you consider the types of hotels he books/stays in and the size of the entourage which includes his daughter Ange Kagame; you will understand why Rwanda is going to the dogs, with chronicle poverty propelling the nation.