I stopped listening to Criminal Kagame’s speeches a long time ago

By Gakwerere

I stopped listening to Criminal Kagame’s speeches a long time ago. For those who follow Rwanda’s politics will attest that the criminal has nothing new to deliver, his speeches are a repeat of the same old shit and crap that he usually pukes.

Unfortunately, there are those who are still shocked by his inhumane utterances. This Sunday, someone sent me Criminal Paul Kagame’s full speech that he delivered this past Friday, 27/10/2017 at a gathering of Unity Club member.

As usual, in a typical Kagame way, the speech had the usual Kagame flavours of ignorance, pride, insensitive, narcissism, Kingship/owning Rwanda, tyrannical ideals, pumpkin head of I am right, a sense of being a demi-god…etc. The usual Kagamist puke was mixed in this gatogo speech!!

This zero sum speech by Rwanda’s criminal ruler took me to a debate I had with a friend nearly a month ago. I have posted several times quoting this particular friend because of the uniqueness in always being on the other side of the spectrum when debating political or social issues. It is totally great to have a friend who interprets and analyses issues from different perspectives. In any good debate, different dimensions need to be analysed and thoroughly discussed!!

This friend is not a Kagamist; in fact, the person is among the top individuals that are currently being hunted by the junta regime. A month ago, during our usual debate, this friend assured me how criminal Paul Kagame is mentally smart (numunyabwenge), intellect, clever, a thinker and totally visionary. According to my friend, you can’t rule for 23 years without those special traits.

This friend reminded me how Paul Kagame became the coordinator of the RPF/RPA and how he ended up hijacking the organisation and country; despite the organisation having more highly educated intellectuals and those who were militarily senior than him.

To my friend, the overall and the art of fully hijacking the RPF and country in 2000, showed the genius and visionary instincts of criminal Paul Kagame. And very many Rwandans take this outlook in trying to identify criminal Paul Kagame as a master class politician with genius military brain. The art of outplaying his childhood friends, comrades and Rwandans in general; some have taken these betrays as themes of his intellectual greatness.

During this mini debate, I told my friend that it is highly preposterous to compare hypocrisy with intellectualism. Kagame is a hypocrite who played on the trust that his friends, comrades and Rwandans in general gave him. I told my friend to stop mixing or confusing intrigue (Uburyarya) and mental/ideological smartness, yes; criminal Paul Kagame is a master in symposium of political intrigue. He was able to scheme, plot and manoeuvre his friends, comrades and Rwandans in general through conniving devilish lies. Yes, he is master class liar!! The god of mafia politics!!

In response, my friend noted that, “you can’t be a political hypocrite or become the master of intrigue when you’re not smart.”(Ntiwaba inryarya udafite ubwenge). This debate continued on and on until we decided to change the subject…..

To me, you can’t be mentally smart/intellectual as my friend assumes of criminal Paul Kagame; and still kidnap, incarcerate, torture and kill people. It is only mental imbeciles, mentally sick characters or psychopath who gets in the business of human rights abuses. Totally, No one with a functioning brain can be a HUMAN RIGHT ABUSER.

Criminal Paul Kagame can’t win any intellectual or clean contest and that is why he will never accept democracy in Rwanda or constitutional rule. The man knows his capacity; he is an intellectual inept with high propensity to violence, lies and fabrications.

To refer to him as a mentally smart/intelligent man is totally being inconsiderate to millions who have died under his command, thousands who are in different dungeons, thousands who are currently undergoing torture or millions who are crying for their basic human rights.