Paul Kagame ordered Gen Martin Nzaramba to divorce his wife Captain Doreen Kayitesi

By Gakwerere

In January of 2011 an annoyed looking criminal Paul Kagame summoned the then Brig General, now Maj General Martin Nzaramba – the Commandant of NashoBasic Military Training Centre to state house – Village Urugwiro. The officer knew that there was a problem as his brother in law Theogene Rudasingwa and other former RPF supporters had just started a political movement called the RNC.

The shaken officer who was overwhelmed with fear arrived at Village Urugwiro, he found criminal Paul Kagame, ruthless Jack Nziza and Colonel Emmanuel Ndahiro waiting for him. After saluting Paul Kagame and greeting the rest; due to fear, before he could even be asked anything or be told why he was called at state house, Gen Martin Nzaramba started shedding tears as he knelt down in front of Paul Kagame explaining how he has spent two years without communicating to his brother in-law Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa, as the house boy General denounced his brother in-law with all kind of language possible.

Criminal Paul Kagame who loves to humiliate people was happy at how Brig Gen Martin Nzaramba was submissive and how he showed the highest fear in front of criminal Paul Kagame. An impressed Paul Kagame then told the crying officer to stand up and take a seat; he was then told that he can not continue to be married to a sister of an enemy of state.

Criminal Paul Kagame then ordered Brig Gen Martin Nzaramba to divorce his wife Captain Doreen Kayitesi Nzaramba; the coward – house boy Brig General promised his boss that he is going to divorce her straight away, and that is how Gen Nzaramba divorced a wife that he loved and cherished.

These are daily phenomenon in criminal Paul Kagame’s Rwanda. Generals are being treated like house boys. Rwanda is now a country where cowards and egoistic house boy generals have allowed a skinny man worth 57 Kg to run havoc and destroy all forms of social fabric. MP C. Mme Doreen KAYITESI C. Maj Gen NZARAMBA.pdf