Adeline Rwigara’s Holy Bible has been confiscated!

In the court. Adeline Rwigara asked the presiding judge 4 simple requests. 1) The right of being able to get outside her small confined room, where she is kept 24 hrs a day. She told the presiding judge that, they need fresh air - only 30 minutes a day. 2) To be given back her confiscated Bible and book that has religious hymns - songs which they also confiscated. 3) Be allowed the rights of receiving visitors 4) See her children including Diane Rwigara and Anne Rwigara who are also under incarceration. Unfortunately, the presiding judge refused all the above requests citing that they aren't under the topics of discussion/hearing. Kagame's justice system where a presiding judge calls human rights issues as irrelevance. The notion of BEING INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILT DOESN'T EXIST IN RWANDA. Your already guilty and it's up to you to prove your innocence.