Bertrand Ndengeyingoma known as Billy among his peers wearing a black T-shirt and his best friend Manzi wearing a jacket.

By Gakwerere

This week, the world was mesmerised by Michael Wolff’s book’s “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.” After days of its release, the book is already being dubbed the best seller for 2018. And thanks to Donald Trump’s constant rants about the book, sells of copies are sky high.

Michael Wolff’s book looks at operational, processes and approaches of the Trumps administration for the past year. The author weighs and scrutinises from a close range of issues on Trump’s presidential campaign manoeuvring, his close team, strategies, effectiveness and the campaign’s outreach methodologies.

The book did also scrutinise Donald Trump’s children, in-laws and close aids. Without fear, the author published comments from white house staffers and other senior Trump aids; the book is totally a replica of its title “Fire and Fury.”

Unlike Banana republics, the author of “Fire and Fury,” Michael Wolff isn’t in prison, neither been kidnapped nor assassinated. He is still a free man, going around giving damning interviews against the Trump administration, his family and close aids. His freedom of speech and expression as enshrined within the American constitution always guaranteed and protected. In Kagame’s kingdom, this type of book calls for assassination, and if lucky, incarceration in underground torture banker becomes your address.

Col Tom Byabagamba, the former head of criminal Paul Kagame’s presidential guard was imprisoned for 21 years merely for listening to an online opposition radio known as radio Itahuka which is run by Rwanda National Congress, his brother in-law Gen Frank Rusagara was given 20 years for similar flimsy charges. If listening to an opposition run radio is a catastrophic crime in Rwanda, what about criticising the junta and his criminal excesses?

Despite his intimidations, kidnappings, incarceration, torture and assassinations; the junta regime won’t manage to stop souls that are crying for their basic freedoms from challenging the brutal status quo.

As promised in my Sunday posting, today, I will be looking at the extravagances of the Kagames, how love is in the horizon within the junta family and how the chief vampire will very soon expect to be a father in-law. Dear Rwandans, the chief vampire’s daughter – Rwanda’s princess, Ange Kagame is in the marriage mood. May be, before the gigantic marriage, a happy Paul Kagame will release all political prisoners from his torture jails, that is my wishful thinking!

The princess’s love, it’s a love that started and blossomed in USA, when Ange Kagame was studying in Boston for her undergraduate degree, she fell in love with a Senegalese college basketball player. This Senegalese boy was her first real boyfriend and it was a serious relationship. When I say a first serious relationship, I hope you will get what I mean (the eater of goods). When her mother Jeannette Kagame Gasana heard about the relationship through the then chief of security to criminal Paul Kagame’s children in USA, Major Patrick Karuretwa (now is a Lt Col and the Principle Private Secretary to Lucifer), after hearing this, Jeannette Kagame Gasana moved in quickly to stop this relationship.

According to my trusted source within the junta’s inner circle, Jeannette Kagame Gasana told her that, “if she wants a long life she should end the relationship otherwise her father will kill her with his own hands.” With enormous pressure from her mother, the young girl ended the relationship but kept having some casual sex in times of needs. The mother who was then de facto vice president of Rwanda instructed Major Patrick Karuretwa to increase surveillance around Ivan and Ange Kagame, with more presidential guards personnel getting scholarships to the same USA campus as the first family, the main aim being to create a surveillance and security ring around the children.

This made Jeannette Kagame Gasana to move in search of a sweeter to her daughter, in September 2016 during Kagame day in San Francisco -USA, what some quarters call Rwanda day, Rwanda’s princess – Ange Kagame was introduced Bertrand Ndengeyingoma known as Billy among his peers; a tall, handsome and well-built young man. In terms of looks, he is a match to Rwanda’s young princess, since Rwanda is now a corporation under the Kagame dynasty.

Bertrand Ndengeyingoma is a brother to Kaliza Belise the Chief Operation Officer of RDB and children to Mzee Cyrille Ndengeyingoma a businessman, for those who know Kigali very well, Mzee Cyrille owns the building opposite Ecole Belge in Kigali.

According to my reliable sources within the Junta’s inner circle, they first met in September 2016, by December 2016, Rwanda’s princess had travelled to USA 3 times for her dates using the father’s other jet – Gulfstream 4. In 2017, from January up to August 2017 at the time of the sham elections, the princess had travelled to USA more than 6 times. During this period, in all the Junta’s travels to USA, her daughter always accompanied him and some other travels, she had to use her father’s jet to go for her arranged dates with her lover.

Did the Kagames use state coffers to fund such extravagances? Or the Kagames were using and still using their ill-gotten wealth to sponsor such extravagances? You may have your own opinion. She introduced the young man to her father in 2017, and Rwanda’s criminal Junta seems to be happy with the choice.

After the sham elections where the Junta anointed himself as the King of his corporation known as Rwanda, the daughter approached the father with a request for her master’s degree in the USA. Since 2015, Ange Kagame has been working in the president’s office; she was initially posted in the communication department at same time shadowing Ines Mpambara, the chief of staff to the president. By august 2017, she was shadowing Lt Col Patrick Karuretwa the Principle Private Secretary to the president and her former body guard in USA.

Mid-September, under Village Urugwiro secrecy and spreading calculated misinformation to state house staffs in order to divert them. Ange Kagame started her master’s degree at Colombia University school of International and Public studies in USA. She is under the department of public affairs, as I post, she is pondering over her thesis topic which will be submitted mid – August 2018.

For the princess, this course isn’t essential to her. The main objective of undertaking this course was to create an opportunity of being close to her lover – Bertrand Ndengeyingoma known as Billy among his peers; the young lovers want to know each other away from the preying eyes of Rwandans. Unfortunately, the corporal has ears on the ground.

Now, very soon, Kagame is going to be father in-law, but at what cost? By being a father in-law, will it galvanise a new Paul Kagame that will embrace the rule of law, human rights and constitution democracy? Definitely note. In this reunion, the Ndengeyingoma will be the eventual losers. The future will tell, unless fortune favours them and the wedding doesn’t go ahead.

For Jeannette Kagame, the architecture of this marriage project, she is pushing for the wedding, but the young lovers prefer to take it slow and getting to know each other very well. For Jeannette Kagame Gasana, her wishes has always been for her children to never get married or marry to Rwandan families that came from Uganda, that is why, when Rwanda’s junta was pushing his first son to marry Joseph Mugisha’s daughter, behind the scenes, Jeannette Kagame Gasana undermined the marriage plan. On this, I totally don’t blame her. FUCK THE SAJYA MARONS!

Ndengeyingoma family is from Burundi, well respected among Rwandans from Burundi. Mzee Cyrille Ndengeyingoma is a perfect father in-law that any parent would wish for her daughter. In the past, early 2000s, Mzee Cyrille Ndengeyingoma used to play tennis against Paul Kagame at cercle sportif in Kigali. This was before criminal Paul Kagame built a tennis court at Village Urugwiro – State house.

As Israelmore Ayivor noted, “don’t fear to inform an oppressed society.” It’s from this ideology that the corporal will continue being your messager until the last breath.