By Jean Uwizeye

In the United Kingdom a race to succeed British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is underway. Ostracized by his political family, one of the scums of the political world across the Channel was forced to withdraw from the head of his political party, which in fact led to his imminent departure as head of government. While waiting for his successor and his inglorious departure, he only takes care of current affairs. The lies of this unscrupulous individual ended up catching up with him and losing him. Boris Johnson belongs to the category of so-called pragmatic politicians. Without faith or law; they only obey their own desire regardless of obedience to law or morality. This is utilitarian philosophy.

The Bible tells us about this philosophical subject: “Let us not be excessively just nor excessively wise. Why destroy ourselves? Let us not be carried away by wickedness and behave foolishly. Why die early?” Ecclesiast 7:16-18. The British outlaw adopted the first wisdom, and he ignored the second of this passage. Insane, he led his country out of the European Union against all logic of mercantile law. Nearly 50% of UK trade is with the European Union. His country, like the rest of Western countries, has shaken up many regimes in the name of mercantile liberalism that, for example, Latin America is struggling to recover from. Insane, he alienated the monarchists of his environment by persevering against all odds on his immigration policy with a slave flavor.Insane, he dared to mislead the poor refugees on the danger represented by the Tutsi supremacist regime of Paul KAGAME and his people. https://www.lefigaro.fr/flash-actu/la-politique-britannique-d-expulsions-vers-le-rwanda-loin-d-etre-dissuasive-20220718. The list is not exhaustive, which made the mud overflow was the predatory behavior of a sexual pervert from his close entourage and protected from our BoJo.

The just will live by faith.

The Rwandan people have been enduring the perverse and devastating policies of the British rabble since the RPF INKOTANYI took power in Rwanda in July 1994. Of this verse which faithfully translates the Rwandan reality in terms of hierarchical responsibility incumbent on white supremacy: “It is not surprising to see the poor oppressed or to see law and justice flouted in the country. Indeed, a high-placed character is covered by someone greater than him and both are protected by even higher-placed people. Ecclesiast 5:7. That which has intelligence understands the logic of the political councils like Tony Blair, Boris Johnson… Who are in the entourage of Paul KAGAME and his. In verse 8 it says, “It would be better for the land to have a king who favored the work of the fields. This is the reason why the cry of distress of the Rwandan population is ignored and is substituted by the media campaign of the so-called economic success of a country ranked among the first 17 poor in the world, despite the billions paid annually. To bail out the state budget from all sides. They will always tell you that Rwanda is a safe country and they will cover up the abuses of the regime with medals and other ridiculous decorations. Who understands who can; however, our enemies in the West are from the Judeo-Christian culture, with little effort, it is easily easy to dissect or even anticipate their actions, because we are also the heirs of the Bible in our current era. As if fate is struggling to make matters worse, the Rwandan Tutsi genocidaire Paul KAGAME, welcomed everywhere in the West in the best possible way, has just signified to the whole world that he will still be there for at least 20 years at the head of the Rwandan state. To have such a hope of political life in a poor, murderous country that has been in conflict for 28 years against part of its own population and neighboring countries, the role played by white supremacists like Boris Johnson is decisive.

According to certain precepts of the political struggle such as the strike, ghost town and total stoppage of work, boycott; these actions to a certain degree help to produce effects that weaken the public powers. Obviously, with the Covid-19 and its share of difficulties, we understood the galloping inflation and the collapse of the local currency to name only that as an unexpected opportunity to shake the Kigali regime. He was going to open the royal road to the change of the Rwandan political climate by overthrowing everything in his path thanks to confinement. It was without counting with the IMF and President Emmanuel MACRON who came to the rescue of the Tyranny of Tutsi supremacists to the tune of more than $500,000,000. Recently, to alleviate the consequence of the Ukrainian crisis created by the member countries of NATO to stop the Russian special operation on the Rwandan genocidal regime, the reunion of the English was the payment of a hundred million pounds Sterling on behalf the reception of unwanted refugees in the UK. A roundabout way of financing the genocide said by the Hutu by blurring the complicity. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/jul/17/suicidal-afghan-was-fine-about-being-sent-to-rwanda-home-office-officials-claimed.

The attempts of the Rwandan population to get rid of the influence of the RPF Inkotanyi have always encountered in its path a tenacious residence of foreign powers in Europe as in the United States as an unconditional political, military, diplomatic, media and financial support. This has spawned a democratization of Hutuphobia that rages in the mainstream media, in the world of reading and politics. Consequently, it turns out that the victims of this complicity are also counted in the Congolese political class of the DRC. The Congolese must realize this. We cannot fight Tutsi supremacism while espousing the reading grid of history according to the RPF INKOTANYI and others. Using their vocabulary and languages weakens your argument and gives them reason and legitimacy to be where they are wrong. Whatever the DRC’s defense plan, it must deal with the Rwandan opposition. Why attacking the Hutu in the name of the genocide questionable when obviously the RPF INKOTANYI was publicly guilty of it in the DRC. If only the trials that take place in France, this history of the genocide is debatable from A to Z otherwise how to explain that all the people currently judged in France have in these common points Tutsi wives or/and mothers?

Contrary to popular belief about the looting of the DRC, the primary objective of Tutsi supremacy is to appropriate Kivu and dominates the conduct of regional politics to consolidate the gains. To evade the political conduct of westerners deemed unintelligent. Peaceful coexistence with a community that considers itself superior is impossible. It has been at least twice that Rwandan officials have only repeated the Congolese whining. But only children whine! Deduce that the Congolese are children and therefore unfit to lead the country. White supremacists like Boris Johnson say the DRC is too big to be ruled by a nigger and by extension the DRC needs to be balkanized. In the age of the Internet, there is audiovisual content in Kinyarwanda that can help you establish proof of the Tutsi supremacy ideology of which you are victims. This is not a thesis! It is an established fact.

It is recommended that the Congolese diplomacy unmask the continental ambitions of Rwanda which only serve to cover in reality the dismantling of the DRC. To effectively extend the influence of the central government, the political capital must move to the center of the DRC and at the same time stop the policy of decentralization for a century. Both Burundi and Tanzania are close examples to draw inspiration from. By the way, hello!