Together we can end Rwandan terror at home and in exiles

Kayumba Rugema

Together we can end Rwandan terror at home and in exiles:
How long shall we accept no sense of Rwandan espionage,terrorist rpf cells in Europe and the globe?

We have given many warnings to our fellow country men not to serve terror but they decided to go extra miles of creating more harm to our fellows who refused to join the terror groups who came as refugees and turned into spies,killers and voices of the killing regime.

We have been threatened of shooting and many were shoot,we were threatened of being strangled and many were killed as they promised, we were promised to be poisoned and many have died and were still told to die the same way our friends died!

Colleagues told us we shall be kidnapped on stepping in the region where Rwanda is and indeed our friends are no more and the victims are silent and worried to death.

Rwandan embassy doesn’t fear to call our fellow refugees to harm us publicly and publish the terror into government journals so that they can be used against the two ends those in exile and to condense the souls of our relatives back home. Our relatives have paid the biggest price the sister in law of late Col. Patric Karegeya its over two weeks without her where abouts, Col. Rugigana Ngabo has completed seven years in detention for being just a brother to Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa, like Col. Tom Byabagamba and Bgn Frank Rusagara are brothers of Dr. David Himbarathe list is long.

This is our last announcement fellow Rwandans who came as refugees in these democratic nations and you decided to serve the evil you run out of!!

We take you as our fellow victims but you have decided to sell our lives for your houses and documents you want from Rwandan embassies be fair enough we are not worth to be exchanged houses and other miner services if any from those criminal embassies.

We have lost friends in exchange of services you claim in those embassies, you have been used to help in crafting crimes against your fellow refugees who refused to join Rwandan terrorism cells named Rwandan diaspora so that every body can submit be aware we are breaking that arrogance and terror! Kagame reigns only in Rwanda not in Europe specifically, Norway and other Scandinavian countries.

People who refused to serve Kagame criminal regime should not be named genocidal because they are Hutus as if genocidals in the regime have been prosecuted!

We strongly protest calling all tutsi exiles in opposition terrorists or thieves as if any of them owns airplanes and houses rented by Rwandan embassies like President dictator Paul Kagame and his plundering team.

We call all Rwandan partners to mind where they are putting their tax payers money because history will judge them.

We kindly remind you Rwandan refugees forced to serve terror for services to report to police all forced acts you are subjected to by the embassy for your status safety time to fight back is now!!!

You need help go to in box or call to +4793999896 and if you are in other Scandinavian countries,Europe,Canada,USA,Africa and Australia will give you people to help you.

Friends that is the number to give human rights activists and lawyers


Rugema Kayumba