Where Is President Kagame These Days?

He was last sighted in San Francisco enjoying life and pumping dollars into the American economy by filling a conference hall with a rented crowd. He must have spent a fortune – running across the United States from east to west coast. Executive jet that costs at least USD5,000 an hour to charter; accommodation in presidential suites where Kagame is known to spend USD20,000 a night; transporting, feeding and accommodating over 2,000 people from all over North America to California to cheer him.

Meanwhile back in Rwanda, the currency is collapsing. Two days ago, selling 1USD you got 802.2 RWF. Buying 1USD you paid 817.2 RWF. Further, reports indicate that teachers at the University of Rwanda have not been paid for sometime. And more and more hungry Rwandans are crossing into Uganda as economic refugees.

So where is the miracle worker to fix up the mess? In the Rwanda setup, Kagame is head of state, minister, mayor, senior, and junior manager, and support staffer – he is everything. The paralysis management style has found a perfect home in Kagame’s Rwanda.

David Himbara