Wheel of Luck on Fortune Coins Casino: Tips & Tricks

Feeling fortunate? Step right up and spin the Wheel of Luck for a chance to win a massive multiplier or trigger a progressive jackpot. Every spin holds the promise of grandeur, with each space on the wheel bearing a prize.

You can find Wheel of Luck online as an in-house title at Fortune Coins, a popular sweepstakes platform where you may try this and many other casino-style games for free. The overview below will explain the basics of this simple luck-based game and provide a few hints on how to make luck go your way.

Wheel of Luck Rules and Gameplay

Wheel of Luck is based on the popular television show Wheel of Fortune. However, this is a shortened version in which you, as the contestant, don’t need to solve any word puzzles. Instead, you go straight to spinning the prize wheel.

Before you can spin, however, you must make a play. Use chips ranging from 5 to 200 and place them on one or several banknotes. The numbers on the banknotes correspond with the multiplier prizes, namely x2, x3, x6, x12, x25, and x51. There are 54 wheel positions, with smaller prizes occupying more positions and vice versa. For instance, the x2 prize holds 22 positions on the wheel, while the x51 prize appears only twice. 

You can place all the chips on a single note or distribute your play evenly as long as you meet the minimum play requirement of 1,000. There’s no clock, so take your time.

Once you’re ready, hit the Play button and watch the wheel take off. You can hit the Stop button at any time or endure the suspense and let the wheel settle gradually on its own, which takes about 20 seconds. Once the prize is determined, you’ll receive it accordingly.

Wheel of Luck Tips and Tricks

As its name suggests, Wheel of Luck is all about getting lucky. There’s simply no way to predict whether the wheel will stop on the x51 field or one of the neighboring x2 slots. Nevertheless, the game does have a strategic aspect, and how you play it depends on your tolerance for risk.

  • Low risk: Place your chips on x2, x3, and x12. This covers 42 out of the 54 wheel positions, roughly 78%. You’ll mostly win x2 and x3 prizes to cover for your play, but the occasional x12 win can make a noticeable difference in your balance.
  • Medium risk: This is similar to the low-risk strategy, except you place your chips on x6 instead of x3 this time. This way, you’ll cover slightly over one-half of the wheel, with the potential for more significant rewards.
  • High risk: Go for broke and only put your coins on the x12, x25, and x51 segments. Combined, these three occupy less than 15% of the wheel, but if you endure all the losing spins, you can reap quite a hefty reward from time to time.

Don’t miss your chance to overcome the odds and claim your fortune on the Wheel of Luck! Play the game for free now at the Fortune Coins casino and discover why it’s one of the platform’s hit titles.