Parliament Votes to Maintain Term Limits in the Constitution but Introduces an Inconsistent Article 172

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda takes note of today’s (29/10/2015) vote by the Rwandan Parliament on the draft constitution and especially on Article 101, regarding term limits. It’s good that the Parliament took notice of our request and accepted to reduce the term limits from 7 years to 5 years and also to maintain the term limits.

This is a big victory on one hand and we congratulate them for that action. We are, however, surprised on the other-hand by the introduction of the new Article (172). This seems to be inconsistent with Article 101 and the spirit of the constitution.

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda takes on this opportunity to request the Rwandan Senate to scrutinize this draft, remove the inconsistency and make appropriate changes before submitting the final draft for the referendum.

Dr.Frank Habineza

lettre green