Open letter to President Barack Obama: Let’s talk about Burundi

To President Barack Hussein Obama,

Dear elder brother,

Let’s talk about Burundi, because that is what prompted me to write to you this time around. Honestly, brother, what’s the real issue in Burundi? I read that you’ve decided to remove that country from the AGOA trade program because “Burundi has failed to institute the rule of law and political pluralism…In particular, the continuing crackdown on opposition members, which has included assassinations, extrajudicial killings, arbitrary arrests, and torture, have worsened significantly during the election campaign that returned President Nkurunziza to power earlier this year”; how truthful is that as your true motive brother? Look at your annual human rights reports about Rwanda for the past 5 years of which I have written to you so many times appealing for your intervention and what has been your response other than your continued support of the mass murderer Kagame?

Then please have the courage to tell us what is the real issue for you in Burundi? We already know what it is; it’s Russia is it not? President Nkurunziza has made business deals with Russia instead of the US, it’s about minerals and the geopolitical conflicts between the US and Russia, the US just can’t stand Burundi having Russia for an ally so all Burundians must suffer!!! Let’s be honest, the US’s geopolitical interests are to blame for the instability and chaos going on in Burundi not Nkurunziza’s 3rd term! During your sixty minutes interview on CBS you claimed responsibility for the chaos in Ukraine and Syria, Libya and more; you might as well claim responsibility for the chaos in Burundi because it is as true, also for the same reasons, of which all seem to boil down to keeping afloat the petrodollar that sustains the US hegemony.

Do you think maintaining the US hegemony is a sustainable project dear brother? I don’t think it is; and the attempt to maintain it by brute force is only going to bring humanity to a nuclear annihilation which you have managed to avoid thus far but which seems unavoidable in the near future. Is there anything you can do to spare humanity from this pending doom dear brother? Please do whatever you can to help the US understand that empires don’t live forever and that humanity is one family and that we can live on this planet together in peace.

Thank you

Martin Ntiyamira

Victoria, BC, Canada