Technological Advancements in Business in 2021 

Every year brings with it advancements in technology that will affect the way businesses operate; however, this has never been the case more than in 2020 and 2021. As the coronavirus pandemic made its way across the globe, there is no denying that with it came advancements in technology and cultural shifts surrounding how we run businesses. As such, it makes sense to compile a list of some of these changes, specifically, the technological advancements in business in 2021.

Artificial Intelligence 

Even though artificial intelligence has been developed over the past decade, it remains one of the most important emerging technologies for multiple different industries. It is already having a huge impact on the way we live and due to the constant improvements in its functionality, it is only likely to continue having a large impact. 

It is now incredibly well known for its presence in speech and image recognition, not to mention mobile personal assistants such as Google and Siri, navigation, ride-sharing and many other applications. 

Interactive Ads

Interactive ads are being used frequently as people tend to engage more heavily with ads that they can actually interact with. A good example with this is how online gambling companies are currently utilizing these ads. Sites such as Jackpotcity online casino will upload a slot that people can interact with as an ad. Once people play it, they will be directed to the site where they have the chance to claim their prize or not. 

Other industries will utilize these kinds of ads too as they do not have to be a game of sorts and instead could be a poll to pick a preference of a type of product before being redirected to a site where they can purchase such an item. 

5G and Enhanced Connectivity 

Thanks to the utilization of faster and more stable internet connections, the widespread use of 5G and enhanced connectivity in business are inevitable. This allows people to spend less time waiting for webpages to load and for the likes of YouTube videos to buffer as well. 

The possibilities with bandwidth have only expanded as it’s improved. For example, when 3G was introduced, it enabled online access and data-driven services on mobile devices. Similarly, 4G increased the quality of streaming videos and music on different platforms. Now, with 5G, further expansion can be expected. 


This is not cutting-edge technology; however, given all of our advancements today revolve around technology, the further development and implementation of cybersecurity is essential for business. As technology progresses, so too do threats evolve and as such, cybersecurity needs to respond accordingly. 

There is a plethora of hackers online who are trying to gain access to data and will not give up very easily. They are constantly going to evolve in an effort to find a way to avoid the most stringent protection measures, which is partly due to the adaptation of modern technology. 


As technology developments continue, so too do those developments continue to be utilized in business. This can be seen in the rise in popularity of AI, interactive ads, 5G and cybersecurity.