A proposition to Paul Kagame: You have one way out and I suggest you take it.

Dear Paul Kagame,

I am once again encouraged to write to you at this time of the “Umushyikirano” as it coincides with the revelation that you actually set up a commission responsible for negotiating the repatriation of King Kigeli V Ndahindurwa.

Although I am highly suspicious of your motives behind the initiative, it neverthless presented me with a sense of renewed hope that you maybe considering finally doing the right thing however dim that possibility maybe.

Inspite of your atrocious record, at this particular juncture of our country’s history, you have an opportunity to redeem yourself and do great service for our country.

You always wanted credit, here is your opportunity to earn a good and honest credit in the service of your country, everything else you may have done for the country has been annulled by the horror you’ve brought upon Rwandans and so far you’ve been only taking cridit for other people’s work; now is your chance you’ve always wished for.

You very well know that your time in power has come to an end; you are fully aware that a critical mass of Rwandans have become allergic to your brutal, ruthless, and repressive dictatorship and that its only a matter of time that they force you out of office. Your time in office is up and you know it, and the only choice you have is how you are going to get out of office.

You have only one sensible choice to make, and that is to finally do the right thing for your self and for your country; as Martin Luther King said, “The time is always right to do the right thing”; every other option is both suicidal for you and for the country.

You’ve had your share of power, though the power you’ve had has been empty for you; you never found it satisfying because you captured and maintained it through murder of your friends and countrymen. No amount of power can satify your soul and lift it from the yoke of sins against your brothers and sisters; no amount of killings, wealth, or repression can give you peace and protection from your own self condamnation, because actually, now and forevermore you are the true judge of yourself.

Here is the analysis of your situation and choices in plain and simple terms:

1) Hangon to power and and get evicted out of power in the same fashion as other dictators like Gaddafi, Sadam, Compaore, Mubutu, Habyarimana,……

2) Hand over power peacefully without setting up a proper foundation and framework for stable and sustainable of political dispensation and you condamn Rwandans to live in perpetual conflict and bloodshed – a permanet chaos, a Somalization of Rwanda.

3) Free all political prisoners, repatriate and restitute King Kigeli V Ndahindurwa to his throne, the legimate King of Rwanda, and set up a Constitutional Monarchy and the proper foundational institution and framework for stable and sustanable governance with supervisor/moderator role to the political dispensation in the sensitive post traumatic social fabric of Rwanda, secure an amnisty from Rwandans and diplomatic immunity coverage for the atrocities you’ve committed against humanity, hand over power to the King and a Prime-ministter, open political space for pruralistic political competition.

The 3rd option above is the right thing to do; make your choice wisely.

May God help you.

Martin Ntiyamira

Victoria, BC, Canada 


P/S I would preciate whoever can deliver this message to the intended recipient – Paul Kagame.