Bitcoin Or Gold- Which Asset Should You Choose To Trade In? 

Confused choosing between Bitcoin and Gold to invest in? Financial investors, these days, seem to get confused easily when it comes to investing their money in. So, which is better, Bitcoin or Gold? Well, that is the topic of discussion. Bitcoin investment is here and it will not go that easily. It’s important to figure out investment opportunities to achieve your goals. It’s important to figure out investment opportunities to achieve your goals.

In fact, the most surprising thing is, the value of gold has reduced by 9% during the previous year whereas the other assets such as dollars, real estates have been rising on value. Also, the trend of gold is to grow with other precious metals. Therefore, the most surprising thing is that even the value of greenback grew by 3%. 

Talking about Bitcoins, it is the first cryptocurrency which is going through both good and bad times and recently come to reach the highest value. Being a digital currency, it has the power or traits to overshadow the usage of fiat currency. 

Below highlighted are important points to take note of to have an overall better visual and clear understanding about choosing the right form of cryptocurrency. Read on to know further.

  1. Safety factor 

Gold has successfully existed for thousands of years now. Also, it has been proofing the it provides. People do not think about when the investment is in gold. In fact, the wealth management offices or the central banks have their investments in gold. Therefore, understanding the safety matter is not that hard. 

On the other hand, bitcoin is just 13 years old and talking about the market, it is volatile in nature. So, when talking about safety, gold may seem a better chance. However, the mass is slowly witnessing the potential in bitcoin and having their faith in it. 

  1. Demand and supply-

We cannot produce gold, we can mine it. Also, bitcoin comes in the circulation through the mining process. this is another reason behind it is being referred as the digital gold. Coming to the point, mining process needs extensive mining and labour cost. Also, the supply is quite limited. However, it still has a good supply. What the earth is filled with will take another century to go out of stock to mine. So, the availability is not that rare. 

On the other hand, the bitcoin will never cross the number of 21 million. The number was decided since its initial stage by its creator. 

  1. Easy process of purchasing and selling- 

This is the factor which attracts many people. If we talk about the functionality, gold will get maximum votes. In fact, the older population will sure stand by gold because it is easy to buy and then sell it. On the other hand, the same process of bitcoin may confuse people. However, it is not that hard though. Once understood clearly, anyone can buy the digital gold which is considered the future as well. A bitcoin wallet is all you need in a forum or bitcoin exchange. Rest, it is just like the stock market. 

  1. Medium of exchange 

Gold used to be a trustworthy medium for exchange. But to deal in gold every day, you would need a time machine to fly in the past. On the other hand, the day is not far when exchanging in digital currency will become a everyday thing just like we pay with fiat currency. 

Final Words

Taking the decision is not that tough in today’s time when the comparison is between gold and bitcoin. Anyone who has their eyes open can see the potential in bitcoin and can invest accordingly.