CBD Hemp Flower: OG Kush Strain Analysis

Over the centuries, Marijuana has been used for recreational purposes by avid smokers. In more recent years, it has been discovered that the CBD compound found within the Marijuana plant has many medicinal properties. From relieving chronic pain to reducing the growth of tumors, the benefits are endless. You can visit this site to learn more about the different CBD products including CBD flower, CBD oil and a lot more.

Even though different cannabis strains have been digested for centuries, more information and studies on the growth and use of cannabis have surfaced. This has even caused countries to legalize the use of some types of cannabis. 

Still, the plant remains quite a mystery because of its complex composition. The marijuana plant family is quite big and keeping track is a feat within itself. With farmers constantly trying to grow the best quality, many different strains have come to our attention. 

One of the most popular ones derived from the cannabis indica plant is the OG Kush strain . Popularly known for its spicy aromas, Kush is in high demand by users. But why the obsession? Let’s have a closer look at this compound: 


Cultivating OG Kush cannabis is quite the skill. It takes 8 weeks to flower and can be difficult to grow. Therefore, only experienced and passionate farmers will take on the challenge of successfully growing this strain of cannabis indica. 

The perfect climate condition for this plant is a colder temperature with a low humidity level, especially while flowering. The plants should be kept in conditions between 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even though the strain can be grown either indoors or outdoors, it is prone to rotting when kept in too humid conditions. Making it a perfect plant to grow in dry outdoor climates and maintainable indoor situations. 

Farmers who want to ensure that the plant grows to its full potential should feed the soil with high levels of magnesium and calcium. Especially during flowering, the plant requires loads of nutrients to achieve its full budding potential. A smart technique used by farmers is to add compost tea to the plant’s soil. This will ensure that they build up a strong immunity against mildew and rotting. 


To many the Kush cannabis strain is an all-time favorite because of its earthy, skunky, and spicy smell. A popular strain from the Cannabis indica plant, It is a hybrid strain that was created when some clever guy combined a Northern Californian cannabis with a Hindu plant. Therefore, its name imitating that of the Hindu Kush mountain range. 

Even before weed was legalized, this strain was popular on the black market as one of the strongest cannabis products. It creates a balanced high and psychoactive experience for the user and is of extremely high quality. 

Manufacturers have started using different extraction methods to create Kush medicinal products without the psychoactive properties. You can check out this url for a more in-depth look at different OG Kush products. 

Because of this strain’s terpene profile, it has been a greatly in-demand cannabis product since its hybrid creation in the 1990s. Terpenes found within the strain are humulene, pinene, limonene, myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene. It has even been used to create many other famous strains including Tahoe, Ghost, SFV, and Headband. 


With the legalization of CBD products and other weed products in all 50 states of America, manufacturers have started using Kush for its medicinal properties. 

Extracting all THC (the compound that creates the ‘high’ feeling) from the strain and only keeping the CBD content, Kush has become many people’s go-to natural CBD remedy. Without experiencing any negative effects caused by THC like paranoia, anxiety, redeyes, cotton mouth, and dizziness, users will experience almost immediate calmness after inhalation. 

Containing more than 18% of CBD and 0% THC, raw hemp flower Kush products have a variety of medicinal benefits. Primarily used to relieve anxiety and symptoms of depression, many users have recommended CBD flower and testified of its calming effects.

Check out this review on the Kush strain for an inside look:

Some users who suffer from ADHD have also testified of its calming effects. 

With the many strains of cannabis available on the market, one has to try and test a few different ones to find a favorite. Nevertheless, Kush is a strong competitor for first place.