Francophonie or place of financial banditry. Should we renew the mandate of Mrs. Michaelle Jean, the current secretary general? Canada and Quebec have already said no.

Canadians and Quebecers respond with a “HARQUE !!!!” When asked what does the Francophonie mean? This response means disgusts in the popular language of here. People cry when they eat something that is unfit for consumption or rotten and stinks. This is the general feeling for this francophone organization at the moment. It should be noted that Canada and Quebec contribute $ 15 million and $ 1.5 million respectively. It is the only organization where the province of Quebec has a seat with the right to vote or choice. Elsewhere, as in the Commonwealth, she is behind Canada. In the West people have the eye and the ear any expense in any organization that works with their contributions. No unjustifiable differences are allowed. Therefore, can we accept that our only Francophone organization can be managed financially as in the days of Jean Claude Duvalier or Jean Bedel Bokassa?

Is La Francophonie at the time of looting and disguised theft of the resources of the member countries?

It would have a total budget of between $ 110 and $ 115 million. 75% of the budget is used for program implementation and the remaining 25% would be reserved for administration and management. Which is huge as a management fee. Also, $ 500,000 renovations to the residence rented in Paris by Ms. Michaelle Jean, the current secretary general and a $ 20,000 pianos have been reported. Not to mention a 4-day stay in the famous Hotel Waldorf-Astoria whose bill would be $ 50,000.00. In all likelihood his travels to six star hotels with his spouse would have cost $ 2 million in 2 years. However, Ms. Jean’s travel expenses for 2016 had disappeared from the most recent financial documents sent to OIF members. A cruise whose actual cost has been the subject of many very critical articles has been listed within our Francophonie. Indeed, a boat named Hermione (replica of a French warship of the late 18th century that served the Marquis de La Fayette to help the Americans in their war of independence in 1780) had brought young francophone traveling with several stops. This tour was to cost $ 400,000.00, but the actual cost of this tour was approximately $ 1 million. Recently in Montreal, Ms. Jean traveled in Limousine for a distance of 500 meters from the 98.5 radio station at Place Bonaventure to the Hotel Bonaventure at taxpayers’ expense. The OIF has also acknowledged that the husband of his secretary general Michaëlle Jean uses company cars for his personal trips. It is also reproached for showing no respect for democracy, neither for its words nor its expenditure. Not only does she allow herself to spend disproportionately the money that comes largely from taxpayers, but she goes so far as to flout the investigations of journalists who want to know more about her excesses at the expense of the princess. Finally, these shameless expenses show all his contempt for the taxpayers who support him for something other than strutting like a millionaire star or getting rich on their backs. In truth, her attitude as a pretentious princess still reveals her contempt for democracy. She does not serve her, she uses them. She leads a high lifestyle, at his expense, without deigning to report to him.

Assessment of the actions and achievements of La Francophonie in the member countries

The intergovernmental Francophonie was born on March 20, 1970 in Niamey (Niger), with the creation of the Agency for Cultural and Technical Cooperation, since become the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF). It brings together 84 states and governments. There are nearly 274 million Francophone in the world. The French language is the fifth most spoken language in the world and the third language of business in the world. What is La Francophonie doing in the various member countries that pay their contributions? What does it really bring to these countries, especially those who are living with great difficulty? There is currently zero achievement of La Francophonie in Canada and Quebec. Many people are wondering right now the usefulness of this evil organization and budget. OIF condones and approves fraudulent and rigged elections where the number of voters is always higher than the number of registered voters in Africa and other poor and developing countries. As a result, La Francophonie actively participates in the democratic retreat and human rights in these countries through its behavior, positioning and silence.

It says nothing and does little on the massacres of innocent citizens, torture, wars, killings in the French-speaking world. The ethnic and religious wars that still claim many victims have not been debated or condemned by this organization where we only talk about crazy spending. We do not hear about Western companies that dump carcinogenic and toxic products on the black and francophone continent. It also ignores the food and pharmaceutical products unfit for consumption, which flood us and which bring serious and deadly diseases to Francophone, who are among the poorest on the planet. This damn organization does not denounce the globalization that impoverishes more the poorest of the world. It helps African criminal dictators to remain almost eternally in power. Thus, it helps to keep poor people in ignorance, misery, servitude and slavery through inaction.

Like other international institutions such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, La Francophonie is an instrument of colonialism, of exploitation of man by man, of diversion, and of obscurantism. It mainly serves France and its employers who continue to feed on the resources of other countries. Expenditures to build schools and other development structures to expand French in the world are non-existent. With her disgusting behavior and nauseous perfume, she pushes the beautiful and beautiful language of Molière everywhere in the world. Canada and Quebec must dissociate themselves from the gloomy approach of this francophone association.

We should restore the image of La Francophonie.

A washing at large water is imperative for this organization already splashed and dirty by its leaders, who behave like monarchs or untouchables and who allow themselves to spend without thinking the money of the poor taxpayers. It must develop, radiate and spread French everywhere. It must also contribute to the emergence of a rich and viable Francophone area. We want a political Francophonie to advance human rights. But in the meantime, “H ARQUE !!!!” to the current management team. She must “go around her camp as soon as possible”.

Gondiel Ka

Montreal, Canada


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