While no day passes in our country without somebody crying out for missing a relative, the bodies continue to be found in lakes and everywhere Kigali regime has dumped the bodies of Rwandans disappeared. The social party PS – Imberakuri brings into public notice to Rwandans and friends of Rwanda the following:

Rwandan regime continues to deny to be behind the bodies appearing in lake Rweru and hypocritically denies that no Rwandan claimed missing any person, the regime utters this intentionally ignoring that social party PS – Imberakuri and other opposition parties never rested claiming the disappearance of their party members and other Rwandans, and asked Rwandan regime to disclose their whereabouts as it is the one in charge to protect its citizens.

The recent examples of disappearances are kidnapping of Mr. James NIGIRENTE who was in charge of mobilization of social party PS – Imberakuri in Kigali city, Mr. Damien BAZIMAZIKI the party advisor, Mr. Rusanganwa Aimable Sibomana particular advisor of president, Mr. Iyakaremye Jean Damascene, Mr. SIBORUREMA Eugene, Mr. NSABIMANA Valens all are party members kidnapped by Kigali regime from Kampala, Uganda and not forgetting Mr. Jean Damascene MUNYESHYAKA executive secretary of Green Party. Mr. HAKIZIMANA, Mr. KAMANAYO Emmanuel, Mr. BARIYANGA, Mr. NZABAMWITA, Mr. NIYOYITA, Mr. Phocas HABIYAMBERE, Mr. HABIMANA Jean Paul , these are some among others clandestinely ejected from prisons, Mr. Serge NDANYUZWE, Mrs. MUNGANYINKA all from Rwabicuma sector, Nyanza district and other more than 46000 Rwandans who went missing countrywide in this year.

The Rwandan dead bodies are not only found floating in Rweru lake but on 12th November 2014 around 9:oo AM the prisoners have found mass grave of recent dead bodies. These bodies were found while the prisoners were preparing the prison’s site where the Nyarugenge prison is to build a car wash, just close to Nyarugenge prison on Richard Kant’s house side. After prisoners guard Deogratias saw that gruesome mass grave he directly called a nearest police agent who in turn after a glimpse to that incident called on phone his high ranked officers and Nyarugenge chief prison Mr. James MUGISHA who directly came on site as well as Rwanda Correction Service (RCS) staffs, who ordered the immediate return of prisoners into jail and people who were there were told to leave that place. The eyewitnesses testified that the bodies were recent with their fresh clothes.

We recall that these bodies in mass grave close to Nyarugenge prison are found after other bodies were found on 11th November 2014 in other mass grave but prisoners’ guards covered that incident. All these dead bodies’ incidents came after the clandestine ejection of prisoners by prison services and their disappearance which shows that these mass graves are factual evidences they are among the found bodies.

The social party PS – Imberakuri demands Kigali regime to tell Rwandans who these bodies are and their relatives so that they may be buried to rest in peace.


Vice – President of PS – Imberakuri