Seeing a wide range of evidence contained in UN reports, books, radio & TV programs, interviews and witnesses, it is clear that the rebellion of the RPF headed by Maj. Gen. Paul Kagame is responsible for the tragedy of genocide that supervened in Rwanda in April 1994. However, an anatomy of the international justice shows that up to the present day, Maj. Gen. Paul Kagame and his lieutenants have not answered for the crimes of war and genocide they perpetrated against Rwandans. They got away with it and the vanquished Hutu were punished contrarily to the mission of the ICTR (International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda) which was to judge both sides, therefore, the RPF/RPA and the MRND/FAR.
Today, Rwandan prisons are crammed with Hutu prisoners who were tried by domestic courts without due process of law. Although the Kigali government claims to enjoy peace at a high level in the region, the country is in a state of war since the power takeover by the RPF in 1994. About 65.000 Hutu civilians are in central prisons and more than 40.000 Hutu & moderate Tutsi suspected of opposing the regime of President Paul Kagame are detained incommunicado. The regime’s death squads daily arrest the nationals from all over the country and either take them to prisons or slay them according to the gravity of the offences they are charged. This inhuman treatment of the detainees is a mechanism of Paul Kagame to confirm terror in the hearts of the Rwandan people in order to shield the hideous governance of the RPF from the masses’ opposition and hence perpetuate the undemocratic rule in the country Rwanda.
Prisoners and detainees yearly have died away from January to December during the past twenty-four years of RPF’s power. Prisoners’ deaths are the results of unaltered diet of maize and beans poor in proteins and which generate cancers, heart attack and hepatitis due to a relentless accumulation of aflatoxin in blood cells, appallingly moral and physical torture, emaciation, malnutrition, overcrowding conditions and different diseases due to the critical medical care. When foreign delegations come to visit prisons in Rwanda, the authorities do not allow them to reach all the corners of jail as was the case of Muhanga Prison in 2016 when two ambassadors (British & Dutch) arrived at this prison and were refused to proceed inside. Thus, they showed them selected cells and healthy prisoners, and the vulnerably unhealthy prisoners were locked up behind the doors. Prisoners numbered in tens of thousands die every year in awful agony behind the bars of the fourteen central prisons of Rwanda and hundreds of detainees are disappeared into the police stations and military detention places.
The RPF government has several systems to kill the prisoners. One of the most horrible thing is to imprison mad guys with normal men. Those mad guys kill other inmates and the authorities do nothing to stop it. In all prisons there are mad guys who kill their mates and they contbinue to live among them. It is incomprehensible how government physicians prove that a prisoner is mental insane and still be committed to prison instead of being sent to a healthy center! After all, people with diminished responsibility should not be sentenced to imprisonment since they can’t feel the rigour of punishment as long as they are not mentally well. In Rusizi Prison, there are three mad prisoners whose names are Bicamumpaka Silas, Nkizamacumu Theoneste and Rutebuka Alphonse. Previously, one of these mad men struck a fellow inmate in the head and he ended up in the hospital where he died. In Muhanga Prison, four mentally ill prisoners known on the names of  Mwehu, Alexis, Rasta and Ndayisaba cause troubles with other prisoners and they even kill some. In Mageragere Prison, two prisoners named Rukundo and Mashini pose dreadful threats to murder others. In Musanze Prison, Makare and Uwimana do terrible harms towards inmates. In Huye Prison, Semuryango and Tirisi do not let other prisoners lie to sleep at night. In Nyanza Prison, Kajemundimwe and Joas run all over the place causing tumult and panic.
To accelerate the gradual elimination of some categories of prisoners, the wardens of Nyanza Prison have now selected the weak old prisoners from the rest and confined them to an isolated ward where nobody looks after them. This deprived the old of the care they received from fellow Red Cross prisoners and between 2014 and 2018, more than 500 old men died in Juliet Wing, a ward of the same prison.
These days, the prisoners are highly menaced in most of Rwandan prisons but when it comes to Rusizi, things turn to the worst. The pickup truck of Rusizi Prison goes to a place called “Ntendezi” everyday to bring the sticks to beat the prisoners. The director of Rusizi Prison SSP Gerard Habimana has assigned a prisoner named Naphtali Semuneza to daily fetch the sticks in the nearby forest. On 26 May 2018, the director of Rusizi Prison had 40 prisoners brought out and they gave them a terrible deal of beatings on the grounds of being suspected to own cellphones inside the jail. Among the victims of those spectacular beatings, one can state the following names:
1. NDIRITIRO Reverien
2. NIYONZIMA Theobar
3. BAZIKI Vedaste
4. Caporal NTAYITINYA Tonton
5. MUKANGAHE Asifiwe
8. MURENZI Vital
10. MBONYINKEBE Emmanuel
11. MUSHI Faustin
13. HATEGEKA Samson
14. TUYISHIME Emmanuel
15. KUBWIMANA François
Two Burundian prisoners were severely injured in the beatings and they are now admitted in Gihundwe Hospital. Their names are MURYANGO Hamissi and NIYOMWUNGERI Jean Bosco. Another prisoner named NKUNDIMANA Eugène tried to run away from prison and they called him back but when he returned they made him kneel down and they shot him dead three bullets in his sides.
Not only the beatings, but also the process of starving prisoners to death has started. On 27 May 2018, the same director of Rusizi Prison suppressed the rights of sick prisoners to be fed by their families and he torn their medical attestations.
Before yesterday on 28 May 2018, the director of Rusizi Prison had 10 prisoners taken to his office and he ordered his warders to beat them to the point of death. Realizing that the victims were about to give up the ghost and that sending them back in prison would cause protests, the director decided to deport them to a destination so far unknown. It is said that the chief prisoner named NSENGUMUREMYI Diogenes (ex Burgomaster of Nyakabuye Commune before 1994) is an accomplice behind these cruelties in order to consolidate his power which he has exercised since 1997.
Here comes the names of the deported prisoners:
2. HAKIZIMANA Emmanuel
3. MUVUNYI Jean Bosco
6. NDABAHIMYE Etienne alias  Rasta
7. MUNYANEZA Emmanuel
8. SIBOMANA Joseph
All these atrocities are being committed to humans by humans and the humans around the world are watching as if nothing serious is happening. It looks as if Kagame has the license to kill everyone he wants and the international community appears to turn his evils into glories. Yet, history will quote today’s generations as having been cowards by keeping silent in the face of the current extermination of Rwandan prisoners.
The United Nations Organization and World Powers should oblige President Paul Kagame of Rwanda to release thousands of Hutu citizens whom he has scapegoated for the crimes he and his lieutenants committed.
The RPF regime offers cruelty in the place of justice. In a sense, stocking the people in prisons is the regime’s paradigm shift to get rid of the undesirable Hutu. So far, the Kagame administration strongly disagrees with the international justice done in the favour of Hutu, whether it is in the ICTR trials that acquitted former MRND officials or in the East African Court of Human Rights where the Judges ruled in favour of Victoire Ingabire! This proves how the Kigali regime wants to go on tormenting the Hutu ethnic group’s citizens and eliminate them by prison.
Kagame’s dictatorship has pushed so far that he’s even killing or jailing his fellow Tutsi who oppose his fascist rule, and this fact increases the number of prisoners yearly.
In virtue of the aforementioned problems, we are requesting that the government of Rwanda open the gates for justice and set free the prisoners who have been innocently jailed for almost a quarter of a century!
Written by:
Janet Nabyo 
Paris, 29/5/2018