Kagame And Akamanzi, Where Is The $1 Billion Investment And Made-In-Rwanda VW Cars 🚘 ?

By David Himbara

Dear President Paul Kagame and CEO of Rwanda Development Board, Clare Akamanzi. As you may recall, you last year announced two major projects that would transform Rwanda forever.

First, you claimed that you had already availed land at the Kigali Special Economic Zone for the US$1 billion project that would create 20,000 jobs spread over ten years. You further proclaimed that this US$1 billion operation would be up and running by April 2018.

Second, you claimed that the manufacturing of Volkswagen cars in Rwanda would takeoff by May 2018.

So where are the two factories please?

Kagame and Akamanzi, in case you have not noticed, April 2018 has already past. May 2018 is here — please. So where are the two mega investments? I will be the first person to congratulate you if you deliver the two. Amen.