Kagame Turning To China To Equip And Train Military.

By David Himbara

Chinese-made PCL-09 self-propelled howitzer system purchased by Kagame
Chinese made HJ-9A “Red Arrow” anti-tank missiles purchased by Kagame.

South China Morning Post’s article ”Rwanda shows off new military hardware amid rising African demand for Chinese arms” provides details of General Kagame’s purchases from China. The newspaper says:

”Rwanda, is one of the world’s poorest countries and is still rebuilding after the 1994 genocide, but has been a regular buyer of Chinese arms with previous purchases including the SH-3 self-propelled arms vehicles and air defence missiles.”

Chinese soldier teaching Rwandan military how to match in preparation for Rwanda’s liberation day.

More recently, the Chinese are training Rwandan military and police how to match. The same newspaper in its article ”Rwandan troops trained by Chinese military mark 25th anniversary of liberation” explains:

”Rwandan troops trained by the Chinese army marched in the east African country’s grand military parade to mark the 25th anniversary of the liberation from genocide, even shouting commands in Mandarin…For the first time, the parade featured Chinese-style drills and slogans instead of Western military formations.”

Is Kagame abandoning the West? Stay tuned.