Kagame’s Entire Speech In Burera Was Veiled Threats Against Uganda

By David Himbara

On May 8, 2019, General Paul Kagame was breathing fire. Addressing a crowd near the Uganda border in Burera District, Kagame could not get Uganda out of his mind. Without naming Uganda, he viciously attacked it for various strange reasons.

International news

“When the locals want to learn about what is going on internationally, they listen to “our neighbours’ radios.”


“These neighbours of ours began long ago trying to cause us problems. It has happened all the time, all the time”.


“Rwandans cross the border into the neighbouring to buy food and even bread.”

Basic services

Local people cross to “our neighbours” for basic services like education and healthcare.


“We are not slaves of our neighbours.”


”We are not begging for stability from our neighbors.”

Kagame then threatened his enemies and unnamed foreign backers (read Uganda) with fire:

”Those people you keep hearing in America, South Africa or France imagine that they are far. Yes, they may be far because they are not near the fire. But one of these days they will get closer to the fire and get burned.”

The General added to his threats even more threats:

”Whether they are our kind or people from elsewhere, some of them deliver themselves or we will capture them ourselves. Whether peacefully or by force — and we do have plenty of power.”

Kagame continued to breathe fire. He added: “We will achieve stability peacefully or by any other means. We are not begging anyone for this.” Kagame continued:

“We are not a country to be played around with. We have seen what lack of security has done to our country and we will never allow it to happen again.”

Kagame is desperately looking for someone to fight — but Uganda continues to ignore him. Look out for more rhetoric of this kind, which will be ignored, once again.