RDI-Rwanda Rwiza message to Rwandans on the 51st anniversary of Independence

Fellow Rwandans
As we commemorate the 51st anniversary of our self-governance this Independence Day, I am proud, as a Rwandan, that we have travelled a long distance together. I wish to thank all Rwandans, from our freedom fighters to the current generation, who have played a part in bringing our country this far.
Nonetheless, I am concerned that 51 years on, we are far from attaining the Rwandan Dream as set out by our founding fathers. Many of our people continue to languish in abject poverty, the Rwandan Dream remains elusive. The high level of insecurity in the country, the rising unemployment figures, poor education system for our children, a failed healthcare system and the persistence of hunger are reminders that we are far off the target.
As we celebrate our 51st Anniversary as a Nation, I urge all those in leadership positions to put Rwanda first and strive to pull our country out of these perennial problems. Let us all prioritize the improvement of security, health and education so that we can put our feet firmly on the right path to achieve and build a great Nation.
In particular I am calling upon the Rwandan Youth to be in the vanguard of this noble fight.
All good wishes to you and your loved ones on this Independence Day!
Twagiramungu Faustin
RDI-Rwanda Rwiza Chairman
Former Prime-Minister of Rwanda