Rwanda United Party Urges Unity and Denounces Extremist Views Against Platform for All Rwandans’ Common Good

Jean Ngendahimana, the spokesperson for the Rwanda United Party.

Berlin, 15th June 2023 – In a press release issued today, the Rwanda United Party-Imena expressed its disappointment with the ongoing extremist views from certain Rwandan exiled activists directed at the newly established ‘Platform for All Rwandans’ Common Good’. The party highlighted the need for unity within the opposition community and emphasized the importance of peaceful power transfer for the benefit of all Rwandans.

For the past 25 years, the ruling party RPF Inkotanyi has been accused of manipulating and utilizing exiled political actors to undermine genuine opposition voices both within and outside the country. The Rwanda United Party-Imena stands firmly for unity, not only within the nation but also within the opposition community. It recognized the pressing need to mobilize the people and exert pressure on President Kagame’s regime to peacefully transfer power, thereby avoiding a prolonged and violent regime change that has plagued the country’s history.

“We are aware that justice is needed to end the culture of impunity in our country,” stated Jean Ngendahimana, the spokesperson for the Rwanda United Party. “Whether it is pursued before or after the defeat of RPF Inkotanyi is a matter of discussion. However, the idea of joining forces to denounce undemocratic practices and challenge the entrenched power of the ruling party must not be compromised.”

While freedom of speech and opinion are valued, the Rwanda United Party expressed regret over the misuse of these freedoms by certain opposition figures who seem to undermine the very principles they claim to fight for. The party emphasized its commitment to creating a society where every Rwandan has equal opportunities and access to justice.

“We urge all Rwandans to stand together in solidarity and work towards building a better future for ourselves and our children,” concluded Ngendahimana.

The Rwanda United Party-Imena’s press release calls for a united front among opposition actors to peacefully advocate for change in Rwanda, urging all citizens to work collectively to address the challenges faced by the country and strive for a more inclusive and just society.