Rwanda’s ISHEMA Party Announces Re-election of Nadine Claire KASINGE as President

Nadine Claire Kasinge,

The ISHEMA Party of Rwanda recently held a meeting to elect its new leadership, and Nadine Claire Kasinge has been elected for a second term as President of the party. The election took place on Sunday, June 11, 2023.

In addition to President Kasinge, the newly elected leadership includes Mr. Chaste Gahunde as Vice President, Mr. Protais Rugaravu as the new Executive Secretary, and Mr. Célestin Bimenyimana as Treasurer. Notably, the President and Vice President have been reelected for their second and final terms, while Mr. Rugaravu and Mr. Bimenyimana joined the Executive Committee as replacements for previous members.

The Executive Committee will soon prepare a list of individuals who will be elected as members of the committee, adhering to the rules of the party. According to the press release, The ISHEMA Party expresses its confidence in the newly elected leadership and wishes them success in fulfilling their duties.

Meanwhile, Nadine Kasinge, as the incumbent President of the ISHEMA Party, has announced her candidacy to run against President Kagame in the upcoming Rwandan Presidential elections in 2024.

Furthermore, the Vice President of the ISHEMA Party, Mr. Chaste Gahunde, recently expressed his support for the initiative “All Rwandans Common Good,” led by Dr. Charles Kambanda, a New York Lawyer. Mr. Gahunde sees this as an opportunity to advocate for the party’s views and potentially engage in meaningful negotiations with various components of Rwandan society and the political opposition. Mr. Gahunde emphasized the need to give the initiative a chance and evaluate its credibility as it progresses.

It is important to note that the ISHEMA Party was previously led by Mr. Thomas Nahimana, a former priest, who has adopted a populist and aggressive political approach in recent years. Mr. Nahimana has made sensational claims, such as asserting the death of President Kagame. However, the current leadership of the ISHEMA Party has distanced itself from Mr. Nahimana and his controversial statements.