Rwanda:The famous musician/singer and Peace Activist Kizito Mihigo is killed!

Kizito Mihigo

”Dear Genocide survivors, Dear compatriotes (all Rwandans);

Today we are mourning one of us. Another genocide survivor is killed in what appears to be a planned assassination in Rwanda. The famous musician/singer and Peace Activist Kizito Mihigo. He was a well known reconciliation activist too. He was not violent, he was a wise man. Tutsis, Hutus, Twas and foreigners loved him and his songs. They all loved his heart-touching teachings. 

The government’s police communiqué says he committed suicide in prison/detention cell before his trial in justice. He was arrested a few days ago over murky allegations of illegally attempting to cross Rwanda border.

We don’t believe in suicide in Kigali detention cell. No. Of course we don’t need to be violent, but we need to shout and scream loud until our small voices will be heard by the world. We need protection and respect, not torture, persecution and serial assassinations. We say no to violence and we will never be violent, but we will scream and call for the respect of human rights and human lives and genocide survivirs protection in Rwanda. An independent/professional post-mortem medical-legal autopsy is needed. We keep hope that the government of Rwanda will ensure survivors are protected on the territory and beyond.

Let us join prayers so as to accompany and support Kizito Mihigo’s soul in its elevation through the transition to the greater world ”The Paradise”.

Believers are celebrating but ”abapfayongo” think he is dead.  Peace be with his direct family and Peace with Rwanda.

Prosper Bamara