Rwanda:What is going on here?

According to Rwanda labour data attached, the total number of people employed in formal economy (private sector, public service and civil society) was 309,648 in 2012. The number was 296,417 in 2011. And for 2010, some 179,476 Rwandans were employed in the formal economy.

As claimed, employment has been growing rapidly.

On the attached government chart, employment in Rwanda grew by 76.3% between 2010 and 2011! And employment grew by 8% between 2011 and 2012. Wow!

But here is where we catch them red-handed via the more reliable data – relatively speaking.

Take 2012 where it is claimed that Rwanda had 309,648 total employment.

Rwanda Social Security Board data shows that the total number of contributors to the fund was 265,660. All employers are by the iron law of the regime obliged to pay up or else.

But never mind that.

There is a bigger problem here.

Economically active population (16-65 years) in Rwanda was 5.5 million people. Now we are told the total number of employed was 309,648 in 2012.

So how we get 2.4% unemployment rate in Rwanda as claimed?

Hey, what’s going here?

David Himbara