Some interesting facts and twists about custom license plate in California

To begin with, you need to know that California DMV reviewed countless hilarious and quirky vanity plate applications in the last few years. Most of them went for rejection. When a DMV client wanted to express his love and fondness for his two kids, the person applied for a custom license plate in California that read the two names. 

A sharp and seasoned DMV official reviewed the plate proposal and spotted a typing error. They raise an alarm immediately. The authorities scrawl on the application and deny the request. This keeps happening frequently in this state.

  • Applicants need to fill out a detailed form to list their personalized plate and provide a succinct explanation for it. 
  • According to the DMV policy, the state can reject any custom license plate configuration that entails offensive connotations and indecent symbolism. 
  • In the broader context, it covers everything from profanity, racism, and sexual abuse, even if that’s unintentional. 

That latest legislation

As per the court’s latest ruling, the state of California cannot limit language/semantics on a custom license plate in California. 

Citing the free-speech institution that the Supreme Court of the country proudly upholds, the low court has struck down all existing DMV standards or rules that said personalized license plate can’t feature “connotations offensive to decency and good taste”. 

The argument is that the personalized messages are types or pathways of personal expression. They aren’t government speech, which is why; the regulations and statues mandating them need to be reasonable and neutral.

There’s however, a twist in tale. The court might still permit the DMV to deny plates that showcase profanity or obscenity. The department still reserves the right to reject license plates that fall outside the ambit of First Amendment fortifications.

Nature, terms and conditions

A very popular custom license plate in California is the “Protect Native Culture” license plate. It redefines the gamut of special interest license plate that benefits programs under the California Native American Heritage Commission. 

It’s a prestigious state commission that seeks to protect and preserve cultural resources of Native America. These resources enjoy protection under the state law.

  • If you go to their website and review their policies, you will find that it’s a privacy policy. California wants the customers to know the collection, security, use, and access to relevant information. 
  • You can obtain the information through the web portal of the state department. 

Features of the plates

There are trusted sites that provide brand new images. They provide flat plates as thee embossed ones are totally out of fashion. They bake a vanity plate in vibrant color. You can choose from a variety of holes and sizes. The car size entails four universal holes.

  • There are other specifications for bicycles, moped vehicles, motorcycles, and luggage. Some plates also entail 100% aluminum. 
  • The thickness is generally 0.30 gauges. That’s the auto size. The plates are crack, peal and fade-resistant, making them ideal for the weather in California.

They are also UV and scratch-resistant. They also make awesome gift options for a variety of occasions.