In Rwanda, there are many ways to get rid of the so-called enemy of the country. We have heard of people who were shot, beheaded, and fell in a planned car accident, but there is another special way. We are going to talk about it to warn people so that they pay attention if they feel worried by the Kigali regime.

Outstanding victims

Under Dictator Kagame’s regime, knowing too much of Kagame’s personal secrets is extremely dangerous. Under Dictator Paul Kagame’s bloodthirsty authoritarian regime, knowing too much of State Secrets (Paul Kagame’s personal secrets) is extremely dangerous. Top end intellectuals haven’t been spared in name of preserving the Satanic regime. Senior medical specialist, Dr Charles Karibuhungu Murego, eliminated through scientific accident/staged accident on 25 June 2014.

On February 25, 2015, Criminal Paul Kagame’s personal physician, DR Emmanuel Gasakure dies in prison, executed on 25th February 2015 by Maj Gen Jack Nziza and Col Franco Rutagengwa alias Mapuwa.

Counsel Toy Nzamwita, a senior advocate, was executed by Criminal Paul Kagame’s presidential guard operatives in the early hours of December 30, 2016.
Former Minister and Senator, Prof Laurent Nkusi, died on 18th May 2020. He knew too much of Criminal Paul Kagame’s industrial scale looting of funds meant for environment programmes and projects.

Pharmacy expert Prof Pierre Claver Kayumba, died through poison on 23rd November 2020. He was a cousin to exiled Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa.

Gynecological Oncologist, Dr. Raymond Dusabe was assassinated on 29 December 2017 by DMI elements under NISS operative ambassador Vincent Karega. More details on this brutal assassination that included love, jealous and intelligence lies against the target, DR Raymond Dusabe.

The National Electoral Commission’s chairperson Prof Kalisa Mbanda has dies mysteriously on 13th January 2023. He was eliminated through the same mondus operandi used on business tycoon Bertin Makuza, Prof Pierre Claver Kayumba…etc.
Hundreds of innocent people have been eliminated for knowing too much personal secrets of Criminal Paul Kagame. Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa, Ambassador Dr Theogene Rudasingwa, Major Michael Mupende, Ambassador Eugene Gasana, Dr Gerald Gahima…etc, are being hunted down for knowing Criminal Paul Kagame’s personal secrets. When you turn into excess and you happen to know too much, the satanic ruler takes you out

Types of poisons used by Kagame to eliminate his opponents.

Treacherous assassin Gen James Kabarebe to his agent in Uganda, “shooting them is becoming more difficult, we have to find ways to poison them like we did on Mayombo and his stubborn group.” In 2018, Treacherous assassin Gen James Kabarebe was discussing with his agent on how they can assassinate Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde, Brig Gen Abel Kandiho and Mzee Col Kaka Bagyenda.

James Kabarebe, Godfather of assassinations by poison

Corruption, human rights abuses, poverty, incarceration, mass killings and nepotism have been the trademarks of the satanic system ruling the potato enclave. The satanic system ruling the potato enclave has committed more human rights abuses than the NAZI, the Baath party, Jamahiriya, Khmer rouge, Baath party, the people’s workers party, the Serbian war against muslims, ISIS, Taliban…etc. Just in DR Congo the satanic system led by criminal Paul Kagame perpetrated death of more than 6 million people without forgetting RPA/RDF soldiers who lost their lives.

Criminal Paul Kagame has propelled himself as the number one brutal and criminal minded dictator since record begun; his crimes have surpassed all crimes committed by any political organization in the history of mankind.

Types of poisons used by Kagame’s dreaded DMI outfit

All Rwandans in Rwanda and Diaspora know that dictator Paul Kagame has been and still using poison to eliminate Rwandans and foreigners that have dissenting ideas. Questioning criminal Paul Kagame’s human rights excesses, gross injustices or economic plundering calls for your elimination at the hands of the brutal 57 kg junta.

Any one that opposes his criminal regime is killed through different means and poisoning is one of those means. A former DMI agent has shared perspective ideas of DMI’s poison games.

This former DMI agent notes that, after the killing of different senior RPF/RPA officers by dictator Kagame in the early 1990’s, these killings led to ramblings within the RPA/RPF. This is when Dictator Kagame devised other means of killing his opponents within the RPF/RPA.

Criminal Paul Kagame, the architecture of poisoning doctrine

Dictator Paul Kagame convened in 1991 a meeting that included Col. Dr Emmanuel Ndahiro who was then Kagame’s personal doctor, Dr Richard Rutatina and Dr Joseph Karemera. In this meeting Paul kagame told these physicians to come up with a poison that can be used in case they want to eliminate silently IBIPINGA, bipinga in a derogatory word that is referred to anyone who questions the brutal ruler. In 1991 these doctors came up with the following poisons.

The water 1 (Utuzi 1/Munyuza 1), this poison was introduced in 1991, and it is in watery foam. The liquid is usually poured inside one’s food or drink. This poison makes a quick kill and a person can’t last more than 8 hours.

This poison was used on late Col Venuste Kayitare and Lt. Col. Charles Ngoga. Once poured in a high quantity it can instantly kill the person straight away, for example, they over used high dosage on Supretendant Camarade Rukuba who was killed by Kagame’s agent in 2012 at Entebbe airport.

The blood (Damu/musayi), this poison is in liquid foam and is mainly used by RPF’s criminal experts because it’s administered within the hospital environment. This poison kills within a short period notably in between 3 to 5 months. This poison was used to kill Col. Steven Ndugute, Col. William Bagire and many Tutsi officers that criminal Paul Kagame wanted to eliminate. It’s used through injection or drip (serumu).

The Powder (Unga), this was invented by Indian experts who were hired by DMI in 2002. This is either used in spiking drinks, this poison even when poured in Coke or any other drink with gas it does not release any gas. While Munyuza 1 once used in Coke cola it releases gas. The powder poison when thrown in the air it can also infect an individual.

The water 2 (Utuzi 2/ Munyuza 2), this is the latest version of Munyuza 1. It was also invented by Indian physicians who were hired by DMI to advance their poison arsenal. The water 2 is hard to detect, even once taken to hospitals doctors can’t detect that it is poison. It leads to multiple organ failures.

Munyuza 2 is the main poison that is being used in Diaspora, because medical experts can’t detect the cause of the disease. It kills slowly and it takes more than 10 months to kill a poisoned individual. It was used to eliminate Lt. Abdul Ruzibiza, Col Willy Bagabe, Major Major Kalisa Claude alias Muzungu, Jeannette Kagame’s former boyfriend Joseph Nzirorera and it is daily being used in Rwanda to eliminate Dictator Kagame’s opponents.

Edaru (Usazi), this is another poison that was invented by the Indian scientists in Rwanda using the Israel formula. It’s a multiple of chemical dose that affects someone’s reflexes; an individual develops symptoms like a person suffering from the Parkinson’s disease.

This was administered to President Pasteur Bizimungu while in prison and it’s always used among political prisoners in Rwanda.

Assassin Brig Gen Dan Munyuza promoter of poison doctrine, and poisons are named after him.

According to this former senior DMI officer, poison operations are usually handled by trusted operatives, and they are usually screened personally by top hierarchy of criminal Paul Kagame’s terrorism organisation – DMI. When asked how these poisons are transported in Diaspora, this former agent said that “In Europe and America, DMI sends trusted expert, who are trained to produce Munyuza 2, they have the formula and they know the ingredients to create this poison. Or sometimes it’s transported through diplomatic luggage.

In case of the western world, DMI only sends manpower with technical Knowledge to seek asylum in different countries and these are the agents who provide poison to other DMI operatives in case the poison is needed for operation. These man power sent have the technical knowledge and know the ingredients needed to make a kill poison.

The satanic system is a cartel organization that needs to be disbanded by all means, it is a mafia organization with a brutal criminal at its helm. However, for those in the enclave – Rwanda, the blog was blocked by the junta regime it can’t be accessed unless you are using a VPN.


The new method of killing is not loud because a person takes food or drink without knowing that it is poisoned and often gets sick and dies after a while. his helps to hide the fact that a person was killed and the government benefits because it successfully it destroys him and people do not know why he was killed. those who dare to oppose the government are therefore in trouble because in case they are identified, their death is planned in strict secrecy.