Um’Khonde Presents: Kizito Mihigo, A Stolen Life, an Everlasting Legacy

Rwandan-Canadian author Um’Khonde Patrick Habamenshi is proud to present the new portrait of Kizito Mihigo, Rwandan singer, composer and organist murdered in detention on the night of February 16-17). A first portrait of Kizito Mihigo​ was premiered three months before his death, on December 22, 2019, on this Channel.

Kizito Mihigo is the author of: Inuma (Dove), Twanze Gutoberwa Amateka (Don’t weapoinize our History), Turi Abana b’u Rwanda (We are all children oif Rwanda), Iteme (The Bridge), Ijoro Ribara Uwariraye (Only those who crossed the night can tell you about it) and many other hits.

But Kizito was more than a simple musician; he was an activist committed to the search for peace and reconciliation in Rwanda. Ultimately, it was his love for his fellow Rwandans and his ideals that would cost him his life.

His posthumous memoirs, “Rwanda: embracing reconciliation to live in peace and die happily,” were published in April 2020.

May God continue to grant eternal rest to Kizito and his beloved family lost during the genocide.