Idamange: Meaningless Madness Allegations

Idamange Iryamugwiza Yvonne

A sleazy attempt to utilise a very controversial discipline to justify a very controversial politically motivated police arrest. 

Unlike some scientific disciplines, Physics for example, Psychology and Psychiatry have no well defined core of testable theories. Psychology is regarded as the science of the mind. The trouble is that the mind is not a physical entity. It cannot be physically localized and operated on. Hence the difficulty to decide whether a given psychological condition should be considered as an illness or not. 

As an illustration, imagine what the outcome would be if you took a man called Barafinda Sekikubo Fred to five different independent psychologists from five different continents for a psychological diagnosis, would the psychologists come up with the exact same diagnosis ? 

On the contrary, a person whose blood is infected by Plasmodium will still test positive for malaria regardless of the opinions or political views of the lab technician. 

Before she was arrested, Idamange had made it very clear in one of her YouTube videos that she was untainted of any mental illness. She had strongly denounced anyone who, subsequent to hearing her views, would sordidly accuse her of having psychological issues in order to humiliate or even torture her. She well knew that the prevailing tactic used by the so-called Rwandan security government officials is to give a dog a bad name and hang him. 

By Mwungeri.