Under Kagame’s junta Kingdom, the word FAKE is synonymous with everything in this police state.

Major General Joseph Nzabamwita

By Gakwerere

The economic outlook as imaged by the junta regime is fake. The development celebrations to the extent of naming the little enclave the Singapore of africa is FAKE. The parliament is FAKE, full of buffoons. The judiciary is FAKE. The education system is FAKE. The agricultural policies are FAKE.

The laws are FAKE, because the only law in the land is Kagame – the grand Lucifer. The press – journalism is FAKE, they prefer debating and writing on the ass of Knowles Butera than the suffering and oppression that citizens are going through.

Their political, economic and social analysts are FAKE; you need to be a deluded character to listen to what comes from semi illiterate Tom Ndahiro, weed man – semi illiterate Albert Rudatsimburwa et al. The chief Lucifer is fake. The elusional queen is FAKE. The generals are FAKE…..etc.

This past week, on Thursday 11th/01/18; oppressed Rwandans woke up to news of military promotions, where Lucifer promoted his trusted house boys who were majority abega, in his drive to stabilise his abega dynasty under his household – Kagame house hold.

From Saturday, I have been trying to look and analyse at his choices of military promotions, I posted on Fred Ibingira; as usual, in an atmosphere where people don’t want others to express their views, some weren’t happy but lacked contrary facts rather than emotional displays.

Today, I am looking at another promotion, the promotion of Joseph Nzabamwita the head of the dreaded National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS ), from the rank of a Brigadier General to a Major General, a two star general.

This FAKE general was once extremely intelligent before he flushed his brain through the toilet in the choice of opting to serve Lucifer through kidnapping, torturing, assassinating and killing of Rwandans.

He joined Makerere University (MUK) with extremely great results under Uganda government sponsorship, he studied law and graduate with a 1st upper class. Than going to Law Development Centre (LDC) for his Bar Course, he opted to join the Rwanda Patriotic Army (RPA) that was waging war against the Habyarimana government. A rebellion that he joined in 1991, thus taking a three week basic military training.

After his three weeks military training, he was posted in DMI which was then Under Kayumba Nyamwasa. When posted in DMI, this was a day that a human loving person turned into a little monster. This was a day that he stripped all legal ethics in preference to being a human right abuser. This was a day that he sold his brain to satan. This was a day he turned into a serial killer. This was a day he embraced human blood and rejected sanity. Human blood became his norm!

Through the brutal war, he was in DMI under the interrogation section, when Kigali was captured he remained in this department only to have a stint period of one year where he went to study a master’s degree in international law. This was a pure waste of state resources, this man and law are two parallel entities. He hates law, he hates constitution law and he hates social justice. His ideological beliefs are to sustain the Kagamist dynasty by all means necessary, brutality and human rights abuses being the expected methodologies.

As a ruthless operative within the Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI), ranks came flying, despite him only having a three weeks basic military training. In 2011, he was reshuffled from DMI and appointed as an army spokesman at the Rank of a Lt Col. Within months, he was promoted to a colonel and then to Brigadier General. In 2016, the Chief Lucifer put on Gatebe – agatebe (replaced) Lt General Karenzi Karake at the top of the dreaded National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) with Joseph Nzabamwita.

After years in the profession of killing Rwandans, last week, the highly intensity assassin was again promoted to the rank of Major General on 10th/01/18, in what I may call the usual reward for kidnappers, torturers, assassins and killers.

In Kagame’s Defence forces, military productivity and excellence depends on how many Rwandans a military personnel has killed, thus explaining the radical rise in terms of ranks for Lucufer’s house boy – General, Joseph Nzabamwita.

This isn’t a professional army with professional personnel. The so called senior command is composed of purified killers. They are washed in human blood. Personnel are given ranks due to the amount of betrayals against fellow Rwandans and the killing of Rwandans.

Now, Rwanda’s Lucifer has managed to create a monster military command structure that is composed of his former escorts that he personally recruited, DMI operatives and senior personnel of the ruthless disbanded 157 RPA mobile force which was commanded by auto tuned robot Fred Ibingira.