Hon. Abiriga Arua Municipality MP taken out in retaliation to his part in PRA failure to break ground.

By: Seruga Titus

Many of you are not aware of a Rebel Group called PRA but worry not ,today will be your first time to read about it. PRA stands for People’s Redemption Army, it was formed in 2002 one years after the 2001 general elections. PRA was a brain child of General Paul Kagame in retaliations to What he called Uganda’s support to his enemies. DMI played on minds of Ugandans who had been frustrated in the 2001 elections and coerced them to join rebellion but later sold them out to Museveni when Abiriga stopped the group from setting up in the west Nile.

How Hon. Abiriga got involved?

A one captain Katabazi went to the west Nile masquerading as a Mularo, he setup a grass thatched house and started recruiting Rebels. Another group was being recruited and trained in Congo by RPA commandos, Katabazi was supposed to link up with Brig. Bamuze Moses who had a rebel group already operating, his point man was the now late Hon. Abiriga.

Be reminded that Hon. Abiriga had gotten Amnesty and joined politics, CMIlead by Col. Mayombo got intelligence of this group and made the move to capture its members before they scored points.

The operation to capture these PRA Rebels alive was led by a one Captain Kamusiime, Hon. Abiriga received the CMI team and gave them his own brother Abdul Abiriga to lead them to Katabazi who was found in his grass thatched house with 71 guns and one pistol. He got so scared and led them to another 330 guns which were all recovered.

Katabazi was interrogated and he gave up, Manenero a relative to Kizza Besigye Who was in Rukungiri at the time, was arrested and he also gave up Kifeefe who was arrested. Manenero later died in CMI custody and Kifeefe died later.

Taking you back to Training in Congo the leader of this group was Col Edison Muzora he was being trained separately at leadership in A Rwandan safe house and occasionally met with Kifeefe. Edison got information that their mission in Uganda had gotten problems from one of his bodyguards, he used part of his facilitation to run away to Congo and found his way to Uganda .

In his mind he thought that Uganda and Rwanda had negotiated a deal and this would end him dead.

Indeed on Katabazi’s confession General Museveni reached out to Rwanda asking why they were doing this, Kagame boldly told him that Uganda was keeping former RPA colleagues safe and providing them weapons, Kagame demanded that Museveni sends them away and in return he would arrest everyone involved in fighting Museveni, indeed Kifeefe was arrested but Edison had disappeared.

Killing of everyone involved

Col Edison who was hiding in Rwanda as he negotiated giving credible information to Museveni in person, was killed by poisoning days to his appointment with the President. He body was driven by DMI agents through Kabale to Ugandan territory straight to his home and damped there, security forces said the person had died for weeks and preserved, general Museveni call his intelligence chiefs and bang tables at how a body of a Col could be brought into the country without knowledge, it was an embarrassment to security.

Kagame is never forgiving he will always revenge. After settling issues with Uganda, Kampala started a new capture while Kagame was planning payback time, Col Mayombo was poisoned to death by one of his girlfriends who was Rwandese by birth. Intelligence information later proved this narrative but the girl had already closed back. General Tumukunde survived hired guns in which 120m was placed on his head.

Abiriga a man who sold out the deal was left enjoying political power until his day to pay for his part in stoping Kagame.

What value did Abiriga’s killing add to Kagame and DMI.

1. Abiriga’s killing exposed Ugandan security weaknesses to the world hence causing fear to both investors and tourists. This puts Rwanda in better position as an investment and tourist destination.

2. Abiriga’s Killing exposed Museveni’s failure to apprehend to Intelligence Information that comes his way. General Museveni has always had a weak spot for Kagame, he sees him as his son and often ignores intelligence information about Rwanda’s aggression.

3. Abiriga’s Killing also causes fear in Ugandans, shooting down an MP puts Ugandans in total Punic especially if that MP is pro Movement.

4. Abiriga’s shooting comes at the time when ISO and CMI is concluding Kaweesi investigation but now this murder takes investigations to the question, do we have the right people ?

5. At the Time when CMI was about to release a list of suspects involved in kidnaps another bad act takes place.

In conclusion General Museveni should wake up and start fighting for Ugandans, this business of pretending that he doesn’t know where these things are coming from has failed, we are tired of a president who doesn’t want to take action. Take action and find serious solution against these killers that you already know.