He knew too much: the life and death of Dr Emmanuel Gasakure and the corruption of the Kagame regime.

Dr Emmanuel Gasakure, was born in Butare and was a refugee in Burundi between 1973 and 1987. He studied medicine in Bujumbura and specialized in cardiology in France where he arrived in 1987 and stayed until 1994. Read More



According to reliable information from Rutsiro District in the Western Province of Rwanda, former Kibuye Prefecture, we have learned with deep sorrow the murder of teacher Niwungize Chadrack. He lived in the town of Nyabirasi, Ngoma cell, Kazo village. He taught in the schooling center of Kazo. Read More

Himbara in London

Who Is Afraid Of The Rwanda Regime?

Here we are in London, UK on March 19, 2015. We are at the Rwandan High Commission in London. Four of us – my friends Epimaque, Ali, Rene, and I. Ali is not in the photograph because he was the one taking the pictures. Read More


The Ngoga Committee recommends that the agreement between the Government of Rwanda and the BBC be terminated.

According to the committee the recommendation is based on the identified and recurrent transgressions on the part of the BBC. Moreover, the BBC was invited to appear before this Committee but it declined. Instead, it chose to conduct its own internal inquiry whose findings entirely exonerated itself and its producers of any professional or legal Read More

Portia Karegeya

“I remember my father as a whole person with all his humour and his intellect and charm and generous nature” : Portia Karegeya

“Let me begin by saying how surprised and honored I am to be named among Women of the Year by your publication. I both admire the work that you do and applaud your commitment to serving the Rwandan people through the dissemination of information and the encouragement of open dialogue in and around the issues Read More


Keeping the memories alive: the 20th and 18th anniversaries of the massacres of refugees in Kibeho camp and in Kasese by the RPF. Two Decades of Impunity

PRESS RELEASE ·         22 April 1995-22 April 2015: 20 years since the massacre of the internally displaced persons in the Kibeho camp by RPF. ·         22 April 1997-22 April 2015: 18 years since the Kasese refugees’massacre by RPF How long will these massacres remain unpunished? Read More



PRESS RELEASE Representatives of political organisations AMAHORO PEOPLE CONGRESS, FORCES DÉMOCRATIQUES UNIFIES INKINGI (FDU-INKINGI) and RWANDA NATIONAL CONGRESS (RNC) held their regular delegates’ meeting on April 18, 2015. Read More

PS Imberakuri


Based on wishes and requests of members of P.S-Imberakuri, on 16 February 2015 the party made the following decisions: Read More



PRESS RELEASE In his speech at the retreat of his regime’s officials, called “OPENS NATIONAL LEADERSHIP RETREAT -GABIRO ,” President Kagame clearly expressed his bitterness about his ministers’ incompetence. He did not hesitate to denounce widespread corruption including in the judiciary. Read More


Rwanda: Kizito Mihigo is a political prisoner

Our political organisation, FDU – National Movement – INKUBIRI has followed with concern the political trial of genocide survivors, Rwandan musician artist Kizito Mihigo, the journalist Cassien Ntamuhanga, Jean Paul Dukuzumuremyi and student Agnes Niyibizi. On 27 February 2015, the Kigali High Court found three of them guilty of forming a criminal group and conspiracy to Read More


President Kagame’s Globe-trotting Achieves What Exactly?

Here is Rwanda’s head of state impressing a gathering at the Milken Institute. Across the table is his marketer former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Kagame left Rwanda on 17 April 2015. He went on a state visit to Ethiopia. And immediately on another state visit to Algeria. And is now attending the Milken Institute Read More

kagame  Eco

Rwanda’s Financial Sector Is Hollywood Horror Movie

Rwanda’s financial sector is a Hollywood horror movie and the plot is thickening by the day. The latest horrific episode is the announcement that Banque Populaire du Rwanda (BPR) is to soon to be taken over and become part of the Atlas Mara Group owned by Bob Diamond, an American banker and former Barclays Bank Read More

Dr Himbara

MTN Rwanda on Stock Exchange? Let Us Guess How Much It Is Worth!

RPF is looking for cash. Whatever became of plans to sell 51% of Inyange to Brookside— Kenyatta family food processing empire? I guess the Kenyattas took a close look and decided not to engage with too many unknowns. Read More


How Has President Paul Kagame Performed Economically Since 2000?

The one-sided debate inside Rwanda that calls for 3rd presidential term for Kagame pushes the line that he is a rare and economic miracle performer. Read More


Rwanda Budget Revision – Shortfall In Revenue Collection, Reduced Aid Donations, And More Debt

As the CEO of Rwanda, President Paul Kagame, begins his lecture to a fearful gathering at the annual retreat 2015, he should not overlook the Revised Budget tabled by the Minister of Finance in Parliament on February 25, 2015. Read More

RNC new logo

Rwanda National Congress: Statement on Kizito, Ntamuhanga and co-accused sentences

Rwanda National Congress (RNC) strongly condemns the sentences handed to Kizito Mihigo, Ntamuhanga Cassien and their co-accused. While Rwandan court found Mr. Kizito guilty on the crimes of formation of a criminal gang, conspiracy against the established government or the President of the Republic and conspiracy to murder, everyone knows that his only crime was Read More

Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza

Mandela then, Victoire today – The Start of a Movement

Saturday 31/01/2015 was a special day for Friends of Victoire, an organisation campaigning for the release of the Rwandan politician woman Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza imprisoned in Kigali since October 14th, 2010 and serving a 15 years sentence. Read More

green party

Rwanda Supreme Court will not hear DGPR’s Lawsuit

Rwanda’s Supreme Court has issued a decision stating that it will not hear DGPR’s lawsuit on the non-respect of French Language, which was filed on 8th December 2014. Read More


Rwanda: Victoire Ingabire has filed a complaint against the Government of Rwanda to the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights

Sentenced to 15 years in prison on December 13, 2013 and incarcerated ever since at the infamous Kigali Maximum Security prison, the Chairperson of the democratic opposition party FDU-Inkingi, Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, has just filed an appeal to this pan African court based in Arusha, Tanzania. Read More

peter erlinder

BBC Documentary Offers Compelling Case Of Kagame As War Criminal

Rwanda’s Paul kagame — BBC documentary questions popular narrative of Rwanda’s calamity Early reviews and reactions on social media, indicate that the BBC documentary “Rwanda’s Untold Story” is changing the long-established “Rwanda genocide narrative” carefully crafted by the victors in the 4-year war for power in Rwanda, with assistance from U.S. and UK allies. Read More

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Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza

Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza

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MDG : Donald Kaberuba President of African Development Bank (AfDB)

Rwanda: identity and politics

The theme that started the discussion wasn’t about identity and politics, but at the end, it came to be. Initial exchanged views wondered why Rwanda was not officially represented in Washington at a ceremony awarding Donald Kaberuka a prize for his performance at the African Development Bank. Read More


A probable repeat of 1993/94 in Rwanda and Burundi

At the eve of the upcoming elections in Burundi, it is reported  that Burundians are fleeing their country and some are crossing into Rwanda in steady numbers. Read More


The curious case of the death of Mr Assinapol Rwigara (RIP)

The demand for an independent inquiry into this ‘mysterious’ motor accident generated a lot of praise for the Rwigara family from many Rwandans , especially because they were seen to have done the unthinkable; demand accountability from Paul Kagame himself, a man who it is widely believed ordered the death of Assinapol Rwigara. I took Read More


Rwanda: ‘Under no circumstances’ clause is inviolable

There is no legal instrument or method to circumvent the presidential terms limit under Article 101 of Rwanda’s constitution, save for a coup which would suspend or abrogate the constitution in its entirety. By the letter and spirit of the 2003 constitution, while the length of a presidential term may be decreased or increased from Read More


President Kagame and 2017: If it is not a joke, tell me what it is.

As the years pass by, they become activated and panicking around President Kagame and in the columns of all the media available to them.More Catholic than the Pope, they invent preposterous reasons they find him an apology, they even distort his words and downright believe thinking for the people. Read More