This is is a warning to the world that the government of Rwanda is forming a dangerous militia called Intore.

This militia is similar to the Interahamwe militia that were involved in the genocide in 1994.

The world watched and claimed it to know.

This time, the world must act and put the Intore militia on an international watchilist given the dangers they pose to the safety of innocent people inside Rwanda and across the world.
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  1. yewe ga Claude we, as if the int’l community gives a damn! they don’t, that i can assure you, they are more interested in advancing their agenda in Africa, more particularly in the Great Lakes region, whether Rwandans get hacked again by their very own ppl, so be it, they ll probably come up with yet another lame excuse, some will even show up in our country to mourn our loved ones like they do today. Buriya igikuru nitwe twakabaye tugira icyo dukora, but it seems like we have all become bystanders, waiting for other ppl to do our dirty job, it s about time we stood up and act, njye ntegereje uzafata iyambere nanjye nkamufasha uko nshoboye kose, kuvuga twicaye as our brothers and sisters get killed is not helping anybody.
    Peace y’all.

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