Rwanda:Two LIPRODHOR Human rights activists arrested

Kigali-Rwanda-officials from human rights organasation LIPRODHOR has been arrested today over the internal wrangles involving two factions one critical to the government and other is pro-government.


Habyarimana case: the new Rwandan witness disappeared

The new witness in the case of the attack against the plane of former Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana – April 6, 1994 on the eve of the genocide – has been missing since Thursday, November 13. It was to be heard soon by the judges Nathalie Poux and Marc Trévidic. According to testimonies collected by RFI, Emile Gafirita was abducted in Nairobi, Kenya, outside his home shortly before midnight. He was stopped by two men who handcuffed him and forced him into their vehicle. No news since. Kenyan police ensures not have arrested him and investigate this matter.

Gereza ya Kigali


While no day passes in our country without somebody crying out for missing a relative, the bodies continue to be found in lakes and everywhere Kigali regime has dumped the bodies of Rwandans disappeared. The social party PS – Imberakuri brings into public notice to Rwandans and friends of Rwanda the following:


Kagame bought TL-50 air defense missiles from China: Kanwa

China North Industries Corporation based in Beijing has successfully exported its TL-50 or Sky Dragon 50 air defense missiles to Rwanda, according to Kanwa Defense Review, a Chinese-language military magazine based in Canada.

claude rene Mugenzi

Rwanda:Attacks against the BBC documentary ‘’Rwanda’s Untold Story’’ are a betrayal of freedom of speech and democracy

I have read with a great interest the article published on Open Democracy by Dr Andrew Wallis on 6thOctober 2014.  After reading it, I wonder if Wallis has watched in full the BBC documentary ‘’Rwanda’s Untold Story’’ he is criticising. There is no part of the film in which Genocide is denied or such views expressed or supported.