This morning August 23, 2016, the police has arrested again Miss Gasengayire Leonille, Assistant Treasurer – of FDU-Inkingi, while on a visit to her family in Kivumu – Bunyunju – Karungu – Rutsiro Western Province. She was detained under the orders of the local Police commander Willy, for reasons not yet made public.


Bye Bye Sweet Sister, Activist, Mother, Wife, Daughter, And Dearest Friend Christine Mukankanza Rusagara

The Kanyambo and Byabagamba families announce the untimely passing of Christine Mukankanza Rusagara. At the time of her passing Christine was in London, UK.


Eugene Gasana Is Finished

Rwanda is officially a nation of spies. People are employed to spy in each village, street, and in each building complex. This is the case in Rwandan diaspora. The sole purpose of spying is to keep an eye on others in their ‘area’ and reporting them to President Paul Kagame if something appears to be amiss. The thoroughness with the regime pursues this mission is such that no-one wishes to cause offence.


A New RNC under Dr Theogene Rudasingwa

Presence of all founding members, be heard and investigated by the Political Bureau, was ignored.

In a meeting of the Political Bureau last month a decision was taken by a “majority vote” to go ahead with elections in August, 2016, despite dissenting opinion from Dr. Gerald Gahima, Joseph Ngarambe and Jonathan Musonera to the effect that holding elections without first discussing and resolving the major problems facing the organization would destroy it. Dr. Gerald Gahima resigned from a sham electoral committee which Lt. Gen. Nyamwasa controls. Members of the Bureau of the Executive Committee had not, as practice has been, even had the courtesy to discuss the impending decision on election matters with the Coordinator. Subsequently, they sought but failed to deny him a chance to make his opposition to elections in turmoil known to the meeting of the next Political Bureau meeting.


I am So Happy Because Britain Is In a Mess: President Kagame

By David Himbara

I am not a religious scholar or even a layperson. But I do know that somewhere in the Bible, it is stated that God will punish those who rejoice at the misfortunes of other people — do not take pleasure even at your enemies’ discomfort.