Rwanda: Government intensifies intimidation of FDU-Inkingi leaders

Paris, June 27, 2014

Today, Mr. Boniface Twagirimana, FDU-Inkingi Interim Vice Chair, was stripped off his mobile phones and national ID card, confiscated by secret services, when he went to visit the party Interim Secretary-General, Mr. Sylvain Sibomana, in Kimironko detention facility, where the latter has been detained since April 2, 2013 on politically motivated charges. Allegations of torture targeting FDU-Inkingi detained members have been reported in Kimironko, Muhanga and Mpanga prisons.


President Paul Kagame declares ‘shoot on sight’ anti-terror policy

Kigali (AFP) – Rwandan President Paul Kagame has dismissed criticism of his government’s human rights record, saying those suspected of threatening national security should even be killed on sight, reports said Friday.

PS Imberakuri

PS-Imberakuri expresses its gratitude to FDLR leaders

On this Friday 30th May 2014 at Katiku, Buleasa, Walikale in Kivu Northern province, DR Congo took place the long waited historical event of politico-military organization FDLR to lay down its weapons in front and presence of DR Congo, Southern African Development Countries (SADC) and international community such as UN, USA, EU, UK, France, Holland, MONUSCO… without forgetting international journalism agencies and PS-Imberakuri party which had proclaimed to attend the event and it was represented by its vice-president Mr. Alexis BAKUNZIBAKE,

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The Election Commission responsible for organizing elections of the Executive Committee of the Rwanda National Congress is pleased to inform members of the Rwanda National Congress, all Rwandans as well as the international community that, on this 25th May 2014, elections to membership of the Executive Committee of the Rwanda National Congress were held.

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Belgium: Former Rwandan prime minister warned of suspected targeted attack

Eight police officers guarded the home of a prominent Rwandan dissident in Belgium for four days last month in the latest case of a threat to the life of a Rwandan opposition leader in exile, The Globe and Mail has learned.