“Paul Kagame can be indicted anytime” says ICC Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda.

Pretoria – In a recent discussion between Rwanda National Congress secretary general on the African continent, Mr Kennedy Gihana and the ICC Chief Prosecutor Ms Fatou Bensouda, it is clear that the gross human rights violation committed in the DRC with the support of the Rwandan dictator ( Paul Kagame) is high on the ICC agenda.

 “ We do one investigation at a time, We have completed the investigations and indicted General Bosco Ntaganda after we convicted Lubanga. We will investigate any body any where regardless their positions. At this stage I can not say whom we are investigating or considering to investigate”. Said Fatou Bensouda

When asked why the ICC has not used the same principles that were used to successfully prosecute former Liberian President (Charles Taylor) she reiterated that “if the tribunal for DRC crimes was to be created today, we could arrest Kagame as I speak”.

“Am real disturbed by the Amnesty International report and other reports coming out of Rwanda about crime against humanity including torture, extra judicial killings, secret detentions of civilians in the hands of military institutions”. Said Fatou Bensouda.

The government of Rwanda, led by Paul Kagame, continues to deny her involvement in the DRC conflicts after several reports by UN group of experts and many rights groups has proved it to be the case. Meanwhile innocent Congolese and young men from Rwanda are subjected to fight for unknown causes.

The leadership of RNC assured her of their support of the work of ICC to help bring justice to the people or Rwanda and the DRC.

B.M Rwarinda