FDLR’s open letter to His Excellency The Special Representative of the UN Secretary General in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)


FDLR’s open letter to His Excellency The Special Representative of the UN Secretary General in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) related to both the involvement of RWANDA in the extermination of Rwandan HUTUs Refugees and the intention to annexe a part of DRC.
Excellency The Special Representative,

We, The Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) have the honour to draw your attention on the artificial withdraw of the Rwandan Army (RDF) from DRC, whereas its elements really remain operational, mainly in the east of DRC, within the armed groups, such as M23, Raia Mutomboki, Mai – Mai CHEKA, Mai – Mai KIFUAFUA, FDC (Congolese Defence Forces), etc…,which groups have been created by RWANDA, which trains them, finances them, and provides fire arms and ammunitions for them and goes with them during operations.

We, The FDLR, who experience daily their atrocities live on the ground, have denounced time and time again the false declarations of RWANDA which denied both its troops presence and their extortions in DRC, but both the UN (MONUSCO) and the Congolese Government have eventually come to realise it today.
In fact, both the Rwandan armed forces and groups above – mentioned have been commissioned by RWANDA to eliminate FDLR’s cadres and leadership, and to exterminate the Rwandan HUTUs refugees in DRC, as well as Congolese who do not adhere to their [Rwanda] ideology.

To succeed in this mission, those forces sow terror and insecurity : killings, rapes, setting houses alight, displacing civilian populations, armed robberies and other crualties, which then they attribute to FDLR and /or to FARDC (Democratic Republic of the Congo Armed Forces), via media and lobbysts at RWANDA’s service , in view of both exonerating themselves and tarnish FDLR’s reputation.

Their second mission is of exploiting and looting the DRC’s mineral resources to enrich the great dignitaries of the RPF torturer regime on power in RWANDA and easily financing the war in DRC in view to annexe at a latter stage, the east of DRC, which is rich in natural and mineral resources.

Excellency The Special Representative,

The most deplorable acts are still the massacres of civilians at a higher scale, whether it be in relation with Rwandan HUTUs or Congolese, whose recent killings are numbered in thousands.

We take this occasion to recall that the authors of those serious crimes of war, crimes against humanity and/or genocide be prosecuted and brought before justice, for their names are well known.

Yours faithfully.

Done in Masisi, on the 10th October 2012

Lt. Col. Wilson IRATEGEKA

Executive Secretary (ai) of FDLR


  1. guys i wonder whether fdlr are still remember what a hell murders have done in 1994. They have to shut up because no one can listen their issues.

  2. Dear Paul,

    Kindly remember to make a difference between the FDLR and the INTERAHAMWE militia. Yet there might be some genocidaires within FDLR as we have a lot in Rwanda but this does not mean the whole group is ” a team of muuderers”.
    Unless you are one of those who think all hutus are genocidaires, otherwise it is very clear that the FDLR are different from those who have killed our beloved ones.

    Good day!

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