2 Sports Betting Strategies You Haven’t Heard Of

Here are two sports betting strategies that you possibly haven’t heard of, and when used correctly, they can be used to ensure you don’t lose money and, hopefully, win your bet. 

Knowing when to place a bet is just one such example of a sports betting strategy that you may have never heard of. Likewise, knowing when NOT to place a bet is also an important strategy that’s hardly ever discussed. 

If you are looking to gamble on a range of sports at a fully licensed online sports betting site, here are two important strategies you should consider before placing a wager. 

Knowing when to place a bet

Knowing exactly when to place a bet is a betting strategy that is often hardly ever discussed and generally overlooked. Before in-play betting was ever an option, you had to place your bets before the game started and then just hope for the best. Thanks to in-play betting, you can now place a bet throughout the event, even in the 89th minute of a football match, if you really wanted to. 

In-play betting basically shook betting up in a big way, and it meant that you could now continue betting as the action unfolds. Knowing when to place an in-play bet is crucial because the markets can suddenly freeze, which means that if you don’t react in time, you could miss out on the odds that were being offered just a couple of minutes ago. https://zonderlicentiecasino.net/casino-zonder-cruks/

Let’s just say that the game you’re watching is a closely fought match at 1-1 with just minutes to go, and things are getting tense. If the game has seen lots of fouls and yellow cards or red cards being dished out, then you may want to place a quick wager on who might get the next booking before the game ends. In-play betting is, therefore, a great tool that can help you place perfectly timed bets. Something which you couldn’t do more than ten years ago. 

To place an in-play bet, it would also be a good idea to actually be watching the match either on television, in person, or online at your preferred sports streaming site. For online sports betting in Kenya for example, one of the best sites to visit in 2022 is 10Bet (aka 10Bet Africa), which currently has hundreds of betting markets for most of the top-level football leagues around the world. 

Knowing when not to place a bet

Knowing when not to place a bet is just as important as knowing when to place a bet. For example, let’s just say that Manchester United are about Leicester City. A lot of people today would place a bet on Leicester City to win. However, if you take a few minutes to study the team news, for example, who is definitely playing and who is sitting on the bench, plus any injury news. It’s all helpful. 

Also, consider each team’s performances in the previous few games and the current league standings of both teams. Is the team flying high at the top of the table or languishing down in the relegation zone? With all this in mind, you may be more inclined to place a wager on Manchester United, especially if they are playing with a full squad, as opposed to an injury-stricken Leicester squad. 

Leicester could have many injuries, and they may have lost their past four or five games, whereas Manu may have won their past four or five games and could be playing with a full-strength squad. So your initial thought to place a wager on Leicester may not sound so good now. You may also be a supporter of Leicester, so you would be naturally biased to bet on them to win rather than betting on Manchester United to win, so try not to let your love of a team force you to make a bet you are likely to lose. 

Basic strategies that you should also consider when betting online

Here are some of the other more basic sports betting strategies you should consider when football betting online. To begin with, it would be a good idea to try and focus on one team. You’re better off looking for a team that’s more than likely going to win the majority of their games rather than lose them. For example, Manchester City and Liverpool are two good teams to consider placing a wager on when betting on Premier League games. 

Try and learn as much as possible about both teams, and as mentioned above, always try to stay current with the latest team news. Remember to never gamble more than you can afford and never chase your losses. If you win, you could withdraw some of your winnings and then leave a small amount in for future bets. Understanding how odds work and which bets are more likely to turn you a profit is also crucial, and remember to never waste your time on bets that are unlikely to make you any money, even if you have a hunch that a team with poor odds might win.