2015 message to Paul Kagame

On 1st day of 2015 we would like to give you this important message.
As you know, Rwanda has experienced several periods and cycles of conflicts and political instabilities that have costed lives and unbelievable sufferance to Rwandan people.
These issues were mainly caused by:
1. The inability of political elites to effectively address and resolves various grievances that one or more sections of the Rwandan society held and
2. The inability of political elites and leaders to establish a governance system that is driven by strong institutions powered by strong values of human rights, social justice and equality.

In the last few years we have observed events that clearly demonstrate that Rwanda has not moved away from those dark periods.

The facts that numbers of Rwandans seeking asylum abroad is increasing, the fact that political opponents are currently either being killed or imprisoned, the fact that there are new UN reports accusing Rwanda to commit atrocities in Congo, the fact that many donors have ended or suspended financial support to Rwandan government,…This demonstrates that there is still important, deep and dangerous problems in Rwanda.

There are no amount of efforts that you can do to deny the widely documented facts about actions of your government. Furthermore no public relation exercises can be able to change the increasing national and international awareness about the unfortunate oppressive nature of your leadership.

On this 1st day of the year, we are inviting you to make history and start taking important steps that will take Rwanda to a different path which would guarantee sustainable well-being, harmony living, safety, sense of belonging, true reconciliation and justice and eventually end the cycle of violence and suffering inside Rwanda and in Great Lakes region.

These are important steps we are urging YOU to undertake:

1. Release of all political prisoners
2. Organise an all-inclusive inter-Rwandan Dialogue
3. Engage in development and establishment of democratic institutions

We cannot stress enough the importance of taking the above mentioned steps in order to build strong foundation of a peaceful state, sustainable economy, harmonious living between communities. These steps will also ensure the end of suffering endured by the people of Rwanda.

Consequently, during this year, we are determined to remind you on daily basis about those steps.
We hope that 2015 will be a happy new year for all Rwandans including yourself for having been part of those who experienced the beginning of historical and positive changes in their country.

Global Campaign for Rwandan’s Human Rights