2018 NATO Summit: Canada under Justin Trudeau collapses and becomes impoverished by the new demands of the Brooklyn cowboy, Mr Donald Trump.

It’s a summit like no other. New actors have come into play. The Wild West laws are beginning to reign. During the time of the Soviet Union, the Warsaw Pact was the counterweight of NATO. The United States spent a lot of money purporting to defend and promote freedom and capitalist during this period. They financed with their allies devastating and fratricidal wars in the countries of the Third World. This was the case in Angola and Nicaragua. Fortunately for some and unfortunately for others, the Warsaw Pact shattered with the disappearance of the Soviet Union at the end of the reign of Michael Gorbachev. Thus, Russia remained the only country to face NATO because many former Eastern European countries traumatized by a dictatorial and inhuman communism decided to join this organization of the West to taste the freedom .

It became more and more fond of new countries to isolate and weaken the country of Vladimir Putin. Thus, it eyed the different states of Russia and did everything to break it. Its ultimate goal remains to ensure that the TSARS country is shattered and remains the only mistress of the game in this world of globalization and constant evolution.

But it will be necessary to notice that the current stakes are different from those of the time of the cold war. The United States has emerged as a winner and exhilarated from this difficult period of conflict. Their influence became global and they became the world’s leading economic and military power. They have got their hands on IRAK’s oil wealth and have established themselves in Afghanistan. They have the boiling Pakistan eye. They would be in a logic of spending less, since they got the biggest share of the global pie. In his logic of businessman, Donald Trump think that his country has sufficiently supported its partners for decades. Thus, he would like to relieve them of part of the expenses of this North Atlantic Treaty. He would have mentioned before the summit that he had more problems with his own allies than with Russia, which is no longer a threat in his eyes. Besides, he would look forward to a new collaboration with this one. In any case, he came to the top in preparation for his meeting with Putin. Moreover, a closer relationship with the latter is to be expected. Thus, it would move away from its traditional allies become economically too bulky. Perhaps a new sharing of world wealth would be being drawn.

Frightened, the countries of this North Atlantic Treaty would be complying with the demands of the Brooklyn cowboy. Thus, Canada has decided to maintain its troops in Latvia again for years. He will also send military trainers to Iraq without counting troops in Mali. So, our country will spend more money. At the end of the day, taxpayers are going to take more money out of their pockets to pay for vague military operations. Our dear Prime Minister, Mr. Justin Trudeau, is coming home with a bad gift. He will still burst our pockets spending to please the new tenant of the White House with whom he has very bad relations.

Also, according to Huffington post, “an allegation of sexual misconduct comes back to haunt Justin Trudeau”. We expect him to tell us what really happened. That he too, have the courage to submit to an investigation. But in the meantime, we would like him to stop his crazy and unjustified expenses which are impoverishing us more. Soon Canadians will miss everything because our deficit is heavy.

Gondiel Ka

Montreal, Canada