5 Common Garage Door Cable Issues and DIY Repair

Garage door repairs might not be the first thing on your mind when it comes to home upkeep, but trust me, it’s an area you don’t want to ignore. You may not realize it, but garage door issues may come whenever you least expect them. This is especially if you do not invest time and effort for your garage door’s check up and maintenance. Your garage door system is made up of different components. 

Each component can face their own different problems and that is what every homeowner should understand. A common garage door issue comes from the garage door cables. Those cables on your garage door? They’re the unsung heroes that keep everything working smoothly. But, like anything else, they can run into problems. 

Being clued up on common issues can save you time and hassle, not to mention keep your garage door ticking over safely for years.

So, let’s break down the common garage door cable issues that you should be aware of:

  • Frayed Cables

Just like the zippers on your favorite pair of jeans, garage door cables can get worn out from all the up and down action. This weakening means they might snap unexpectedly. If you spot some wear, you can slap on some strong tape as a quick fix. Although this could be just a temporary solution. 

If you think the problem is really looking rough, it’s time to hit the hardware store for a replacement. Just follow the instructions and you’ll be sorted. But if you think it’s too complicated for you, you can always opt to look for garage door repair services that offer garage door cable replacements.

  • Loose Cables

Ever had your garage door hang wonky or get jammed? Loose cables are often the culprits. Learning what to do for a quick fix is very helpful.

  • First prop the door open.
  • Then you should loosen the cable drum. If that is done, pull the slack. 
  • Lastly, make sure to tighten everything back up. 

Remember to keep the tension even on both sides. This detail is super important.

  • Snapped Cables

This is a serious business. A snapped cable can make your garage door come crashing down. Replacing a snapped cable is a bit like fixing a frayed one. 

Although you need to be extra cautious when doing this for the snapped cables. To get started , you have to ensure that the door is closed. Once that is secured, swap out the old cable for a new one. Also still remember to keep the tension even.

  • Off-track Cables

There are also times that cables can also jump off their tracks. This is usually because of blockages or having balance issues. To fix this problem, start by clearing any blockages. 

After that, you can release the cable tension and line them up on the track again. Make sure to then tighten it after. Always keeping an eye out for track issues. Doing this can prevent headaches.

  • Rusty Cables

Rust is unstoppable. It is the enemy of garage door cables. This is very common especially in damp areas. If you catch some light rust, you can clean it off immediately with a wire brush. 

Don’t forget to slap on some lubricant after. But if your cables are looking like an old shipwreck, you’re better off replacing them. Don’t settle for that garage door cable situation. Getting a replacement is a wiser option. It can also save your money in the future.

Regular garage door checks are really important. Immediate fixing of problems as they come up can extend the life of your garage door. 

There are a lot of components in a garage door system. Each one of them serves a different purpose and is important to its operation. One of these components is the garage door cables. 

These cables may also face a lot of different issues. It is important to understand at least the common ones to be able to assess the most appropriate solutions. Depending on your skills and knowledge, doing DIY repairs can be handy. But remember to always put safety first. Whenever you feel in doubt, it’s best to call in a professional technician for proper garage door repairs.